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If you google “essential oils and cats” you will get about 10 gazillion pages that say, in no uncertain terms DON’T DO IT! And you know what, I agree. Because a vast majority of essential oils do not have the purity to be used with the sensitive bodies of animals. Continue Reading
We live in a society where everyone wants to have financial abundance, right? The phrase financial freedom is now common and is often the most requested wish in prayers, affirmations, vision boards and intention setting. Everyone, no matter where they live, their education, their culture, wants to live without money Continue Reading


Welcome to MH-1-smMy name is Allie Phillips and I operate Manifested Harmony in Lansing, Michigan … but I help people and pets all over the globe!

Are you looking for a practitioner and teacher of Young Living essential oils, Crystal Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy/angelic healing, Reiki, and the Law of Attraction? Then you’ve found the place where energy healing and laws come together! All of these methods are what I call “Vibrational Healing Tools.”

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Learn about Vibrational Healing to help you if any of these situations apply:

  • You feel like you have no control of your life and are at the mercy of outside influences.
  • You often feel physically and emotionally drained.
  • You have received a medical diagnosis that is concerning.
  • You feel victimized by the economy and may have lost your job.
  • You long for healthy relationships or that one special relationship
  • You continue to attract negative and toxic people and situations.
  • You have a bleak outlook on life.
  • You have dreams but lack the confidence and motivation to make them come true.
  • You feel like your life has gone down the wrong path and you feel out of balance.
  • You no longer know what you want out of life.

Change the way you look at thingIf you answered yes to any of these, I can help you learn how to manifest harmony, wellbeing and live life on your terms. I know it works because it’s worked for me! It is in your hands to take action before one of these unfortunate events occurs. So don’t wait for something to go wrong … take control now!

I uniquely accomplish this through teaching people like you about vibrational energy techniques (essential oils, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, crystals) together with Universal Laws that govern how your life unfolds. I also specialize in teaching you how to help the companion animals in your life. When you have harmony in your life, you are filled with joy, contentment and gratitude. So let me help you manifest harmony so that you can live your best life!

2 thoughts on “The Concern with Other People’s Money

  1. Allie, Thanks so much for this really provocative post. I am baffled by this issue. As we discussed in your Law of Attraction classes, thinking negatively about another person’s situation (perceived success), whether money or other positive things, just leads to the continued lack of it not only in your own life but in society in general. It may sound naive but why can’t we be happy for, supportive of, and excited by other people’s success, happiness, and good fortune? The more we do this, the more we all receive as a community, the more we each receive as an individual. As a last comment and specific to your post, I love the idea of CEO’s of non-profits are paid equally to those in for-profits. Imagine how this paradigm shift will allow more and more individuals to live the life purpose they desire? Any way we can create a giant diffuser to infuse the earth with YL Abundance and Gratitude? That would be cool.

    1. Charlotte, we are totally in sync that we need to support one another, not tear each other down. Count me in for a global sized diffuser filled with Young Living Abundance and Gratitude oils! :-)

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