Getting over the Ickiness

I have a confession to make. There's something in my work that made me feel icky when I first started doing it. I did not know I was feeling icky about it until someone asked me about it and I struggled to explain it. I knew there was an energy block and when I had a chat with myself about it, I realized that I was letting other people's opinions (OPOs) control how I felt about what I was doing. For goodness sakes ... I'm a Leo and that is never acceptable!! So I decided to venture out to ...
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Rest then act

Have you felt like the past few years have been all about identifying what is no longer working for you and releasing? Have you noticed that people, situations, and things fell away during this time? Some may have been welcomed releases and others sad releases. I had some friends and work situations fall away and it was sad but necessary because they were weighing me down. What has become clear is that the past few years gave us an opportunity to reflect on our lives, face fear (to stop us from living in fear), and make much-needed changes. But now the energy ...
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MH Why StatementMy name is Allie Phillips and Manifested Harmony is a healing training academy in Lansing, Michigan. My passion is to help people and pets all over the globe!

Are you looking for a practitioner and teacher of Young Living essential oils, Crystal Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy/angelic healing, Reiki, and the Law of Attraction? Then you’ve found the place where energy healing and laws come together! All of these methods are what I call “Vibrational Healing Tools.”

Learn about Vibrational Healing to help you if any of these situations apply:

  • You feel like you have no control of your life and are at the mercy of outside influences.
  • You often feel physically and emotionally drained.
  • You have received a medical diagnosis that is concerning.
  • You feel victimized by the economy and may have lost your job.
  • You long for healthy relationships or that one special relationship
  • You continue to attract negative and toxic people and situations.
  • You have a bleak outlook on life.
  • You have dreams but lack the confidence and motivation to make them come true.
  • You feel like your life has gone down the wrong path and you feel out of balance.
  • You no longer know what you want out of life.

Change the way you look at thingIf you answered yes to any of these, I can help you learn how to manifest harmony, wellbeing and live life on your terms. I know it works because it’s worked for me! It is in your hands to take action before one of these unfortunate events occurs. So don’t wait for something to go wrong … take control now!

I uniquely accomplish this through teaching people like you about vibrational energy techniques (essential oils, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, crystals) together with Universal Laws that govern how your life unfolds. I also specialize in teaching you how to help the companion animals in your life. When you have harmony in your life, you are filled with joy, contentment and gratitude. So let me help you manifest harmony so that you can live your best life!