Why bad things happen to good people: Will we ever find answers or comfort?

Last week, I added a very special article to my Members-Only Access Page that discusses how we handle situations where bad things happen to good people. I wrote this article because of so many questions after the Aurora tragedy. And now yesterday, there was another mass shooting at a temple outside of Milwaukee. So again people are asking why good things happen to bad people? And what makes these shooters snap out of the blue and take so many lives?

It was a challenging article to write. But I felt it was important to share some thoughts and discussions that I’ve had with my spiritual teachers. If you have not already signed up for the Members-Only Access Page, just go to my website and enter your name and email address in the box in the right column. It will give you instant access to that article and many others.

I hope you are finding meaning and staying positive in light of so much chaos and change surrounding us at the moment. Do not hesitate to call on me for coaching or healing if you need some support.

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Get out the garlic: Energy Vampires at Large

We have all encountered people who drain our energy, right? Whether they know it or mean it, they suck the life and light out of a room and out of people. They go through life with a grey cloud over their head (and not nearly as cute as Pig Pen from the Charlie Brown series). They complain, moan, groan, find negativity in every situation, gossip, say negative things about others, judge, criticize, and frankly find little or no joy in the world. Yikes … who would want to live like that? You were not brought in to this world to be miserable or to make others miserable. And you do not have to tolerate that in your life.

Yesterday, a person of authority told a subordinate that she was not liked by anyone. This person is generally uplifting and positive so I suspect it was said under stress. When I heard this, it took all of my energy to elevate this energy vampire victim back to a place where she did not feel like climbing under a rock. Didn’t our moms tell us if you don’t have anything nice to say, zip it! Not only was this statement inappropriate given the authority position of the speaker, but it was said at a time when both are under an unbearable amount of pressure and should be aiming to stay positive. There was no point to saying such a cruel thing to this person, and the timing of it could not have been worse.

For many people, it seems like we get negative comments or criticism at a time when we are feeling down, right? And that is precisely how the energy vampire works. They sense vulnerability and move in to drain you even further. Energy vampires generally think very little of themselves, are internally miserable and believe that misery loves company. So they go through life recruiting people to join their pity party by spreading negativity and bringing people down. Don’t get me wrong … many energy vampires have no clue that they are sucking the life out of people around them. They have no self-perception or awareness of their conduct. So feel bad for these people. Regardless, it does not mean that anyone should fall victim to an energy vampire.

So how do you detect an energy vampire? Look for these signs:

  • complaining
  • whining
  • gossiping
  • criticizing others behind their back
  • only seeing the negative in people or situations
  • drama queens who exaggerate situations
  • passive aggressive actions and comments
  • praise veiled in criticism to self or others
  • rude comments
  • general nastiness

How do you deal with energy vampires knowing that they are floating around you?

  • When you see an energy vampire coming, move in the other direction. Avoiding an energy vampire is your best protection. If an energy vampire is your boss, limit contact as much as possible to short intervals so that you can recover between attacks.
  • Don’t let an energy vampire corner you without an escape plan. If an energy vampire is hovering in your office door or space and you are cornered without a 2nd door to run out, make up an excuse to have them leave (i.e., I’m sorry, but I have a scheduled phone call; we’ll have to talk later because I’m on a deadline for this project; or physically excuse yourself to go to the restroom).
  • If you live with an energy vampire, either have a serious discussion with them about their energy and what it is doing to your health and wellbeing, or leave the situation. Do not continue to be a victim because that is exactly what energy vampires crave.
  • If you are drawn in to a conversation with an energy vampire, immediately visualize a bubble of white light surrounding you. Even consider calling in Archangel Michael (our angelic protector) to surround you and protect your energy field.
  • If you receive an e-mail from an energy vampire, do not respond. Do not engage in the energy.
  • Stay grounded. You can do this in several ways. Go outside and literally sit/stand on the ground, or sit leaning up against a tree. Wear grounding crystals such as black tourmaline, shungite, or labradorite. When you are grounded to Mother Earth, you connect with her vibration which is pure and uplifting.
  • Raise your vibration.  Energy vampires tend to avoid people who have high energy vibrations. Check out the articles on my Member-Only Page (sign up in the box in the right column of my website) on how to raise your vibration. Practice gratitude and surround yourself with things that make you happy. Wear high vibrational crystals such as angelite, celestite, selenite and rose quartz. Get frequent energy healing sessions to recalibrate your energy field.
  • Understand that the energy vampire is in a toxic place, so send them love, positive energy, light, rainbows, leprechauns, angels, kittens, puppies, daisies, tulips and any other joyful thing you can conjure.
  • Do not get mad at the energy vampire; instead, visualize them as a hurt 4-year-old child who does not know how to process their anguish. Energy vampires are aching inside and if you can understand that, you will react less to their energy, which will keep your energy field safe.
  • And if you’re like me and feeling really bold, after an energy vampire unleashes their venom, I always like to say “Now tell me something good.” That usually sends them away.

Do you have other techniques that have worked with energy vampires? If so, please share!

Wishing you an energy-vampire-free day!

All my best,






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Change: A Scary Rollercoaster or an Exhilarating Adventure?

Enjoy the journeyHuman beings have been conditioned to fear change. Throughout our life, we have been taught to seek the comfort and calmness of consistency. We cling to consistency so that we know when our next paycheck will arrive, where we will lay our head to sleep that night, that we will have food to nourish us, and that we will have our loved ones by our side. But as we all know, change is a part of life.

So do you see change as a scary rollercoaster that throws you around on the track called life causing you unbearable nausea and fear? Or do you feel the exhilaration of the ride knowing that if you let go and let God that you will arrive at a new destination to walk the path that is true to your life purpose? When we can step out of our own way and let our right path line up, we find that life goes a lot easier and we don’t experience so many bumps on the path.

Change is inevitable. It happens every day. We see it all around us as foreign governments topple, the U.S. government is at a breaking point, the financial markets fluctuate with uncertainty, the housing market wimpers, and the safety net from years gone by is no longer there. Or is the safety net really gone?

The safety net is all in our mind and our attitude. If we feel safe and secure amongst the change, then we will life a more stable life. We all know people who have encountered significant change in their life. Either they have lost their job, lost their home, lost their financial security, lost their health, lost a loved one, lost a marriage, and so on. Some people surrender to the change, embrace it and shine as they are taken on a new path and they end up telling us that they are in a better place. They get to the better place quicker, too. While others cling to the past, filled with fear and fret, and struggle to maintain a sense of balance. They resist the change and end up suffering much angst as it takes longer for them to arrive on their right path. How is it that 2 people can encounter the same situation and yet based on their attitude can experience drastically different results?

It’s all in the attitude baby! Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Or, for you cat lovers … do you have a cattitude and can land on all fours when you’re in a free fall? Your attitude and outlook will depend on how you ride the rollercoaster.

I have encountered some serious change in the past decade. Nine years ago, I refused to back down on wrongdoing that I uncovered at an animal shelter where I volunteered. At the time, I was a top gun prosecuting attorney handling felony and highly sensitive criminal cases. I refused to compromise my morals and cover up corruption. As a result, I had to walk away from my chosen profession. That set in motion a significant amount of change that included having to move from my beloved home state of Michigan to find employment in Alexandria, Virginia. The move was traumatic and unbearable. I did not embrace it. I was relieved to find the comfort of a financial security blanket of my new employer (that still kept me in my chosen profession of prosecution), but I was not embracing my new life. As a result, I struggled for the first three years to find my place, create new friendships, and join in the new community. Because I did not embrace the move to a new part of the country, my progress and ability to feel settled took significantly longer. Because I resisted, the Universe was unable to send me gifts through the brick wall of resistance. Once I accepted my reality and began to embrace the change was I able to see all that was available to me on this new path. What I discovered on this path in this new location was a spiritual path. That spiritual path led to the creation of Manifested Harmony and the extensive training I have undergone in the healing and coaching arts. Nine years ago, I didn’t even know what Reiki, energy healing or the Law of Attraction was. Today, these concepts are at the foundation of who I am. Had I stayed in my previous life, I do not believe I would have found this spiritual path. I now realize that the Universe set in motion a series of events to boot me off of my prior path and onto a new one (though I fought it like a little girl caught in a braid-pulling contest). And in the past week, I know that the Universe is again realigning my path to bring me more into who I am supposed to be.

Today, I now embrace change because change can be fulfilling and thrilling. Change is all around us. I energetically sense that significant change is on the horizon for all of us. If we look at this change as a boogey man ready to jump out from under our bed to drag us under and devour us, then the change will devour us and it will take longer to find comfort and safety. However, if we view the impending change as the Universe charting out a path that we are meant to travel in order to fully develop who we are to be, and that path will allow us to live the lives that we truly want, then I think every person would quickly hop onto that path. Right?

I share the story of my past decade to show the difficult path (so don’t do that!!). Don’t fight change; embrace it. Don’t cling to the status quo and how things have been. Life evolves every day and we are here to evolve, too. Don’t ride the rollercoaster thinking that it’s the end of your life; instead ride the coaster, scream your lungs out with excitement and exhilaration knowing that you will land safely on your right path. Everyone has a path to take in this life. You entered this world with goals to achieve. If you are on the wrong path, life will kick you around to get you onto the right path. So if you have suffered losses, embrace them as having served a purpose in your life but knowing that you needed to go down a different road in order to fully blossom who you are supposed to be. If you are being kicked around, take some time to celebrate and thank your past. Have a ceremony where you reflect on your past and then let it go into the memory scrapbook.

The Law of Attraction tells us that if we fear change, then we will draw in more change that we fear. Whereas if we realize that change is meant to help us grow into the best person we can be, who would ever deny that?

So today, and every day, start your day with the intention that you are open to change so that you can live your best life. After all, what’s the point of being here on Earth if we’re not living to our truest potential. Embrace change and let me know how you’re dealing with the change that currently fills the air. If you struggle with change and want to live life with ease, contact me about coaching with the Law of Attraction.

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