Clutter Schmutter: It does negatively affect your energy

I am currently in the process of helping my office (in my 2nd job) clear out hundreds and hundreds of old training binders and other paperwork that literally dates back to the 1990’s. The office is moving to a space that has less storage. For me, I’m jumping with joy because I am the Anti-Hoarder! So for the past week, and for the coming 2 months, I am ecstatic that I get to move through the office like a bull in a china shop, scan relevant materials to become paperless, and then recycle. The photo shows just what was done this past week.

Why I am so excited about doing this? It’s because that when your space is surrounded by so much stuff, that stuff is energy and the energy will become oppressive. For me, when I am surrounded by clutter, it becomes chaos. And when I’m surrounded by chaos, I cannot think, create or have a high vibration. It actually drags me down and I don’t feel well. Does that also happen to you?

I hear some people say that “a disorganized office is an organized mind.” Sorry folks, scientifically and energetically that is not possible. It’s just an excuse for keeping a sloppy space. 🙂 Everything is energy, including books, paper, binders, and clutter. Even an abundance of electronic will create an excess of energy. When you have an over-accumulation of energy, it will impact your body’s energy field negatively. You will feel anxious, jittery, struggle to concentrate and become tired faster. When people engage in “Spring Cleaning” in their homes, they are eliminating the over-accumulation of energy so that the energy can clear. Donating things that you no longer use or recycling items that are damaged will lighten the energetic space that surrounds you, thus leaving you lighter.

When you have a clear workspace, clear home, clear office, your mind will be clear. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Today, clean off your desk and only leave essential items (like a computer and phone). Put everything away (out of sight) and then see how your productivity and creativity is for the day. Then let me know how your day went.

In the meantime, the Anti-Hoarder is gleefully bulldozing through the china shop here in the office and enjoying every minute that the energy becomes lighter.

All my best,


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Saving lives: Healing energy is not just for people!


If you have a family pet or have ever worked with animals, you know that animals have feelings and can suffer physical and emotional pain just like us. Animals are also sensitive to the energies in our world. As such, they can suffer from electromagnetic stress (from electricity, computers, TVs, etc.) bombarding their energy field, as well as human emotions that may be overbearing. For pets, they often cannot escape these energies and can develop physical and emotional ailments as a result. And for homeless and shelter pets, they may suffer emotional stress from past physical or emotional trauma. If they find a loving home, the transition may be difficult or traumatic because they are so sensitive to energies (particularly in a new home). Cats, in particular, do not do well with change. Energy healing can help in these situations.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of helping a shelter kitty move to his new home. Rexy (who is now about 6-7 years old), spent 3-1/2 years being fed as an outdoor stray in a trailer part. When his feeder went to jail and then was being evicted from his trailer, some kind ladies brought him to King Street Cats (where I have volunteered since 2004) in January 2010. This could have been Rexy’s first indoor home. At first he was terrified and confused. He would scratch the glass windows as if he wanted to go outside. Eventually he informed several communicators that he was home and he did not want to leave. To him, living at a free-roaming cat orphanage was as best as it would get. And for many of the volunteers, we wondered whether he would ever be adopted because he would actively shun the attention of potential adopters.

Rexy and Jasmine (his new sister) while at King Street Cats

Fast forward 2-1/2 years where Rexy went to his new home yesterday. He has a mom, a dad and two feline siblings, Patches and Jasmine, who also came from King Street Cats (they were friends at the orphanage). His new family could not stop thinking about him and since he was friends with Patches and Jasmine, it seemed like the perfect home for all. Because Rexy had never been outside of our cat orphanage (the veterinarian visited on-site to give his annual vaccinations), we started preparing so that the energy placing him into a carrier and during the move would be calm and gentle.

The start of Rexy’s big adventure

It started with his new mom visiting him at the past few weekends to tell him he was coming home. We then made special arrangements on how to put him a carrier which was miraculously done without trauma or incident. It was like Rexy knew he was going home (even though he had never had a home). He was then handed over to me where I put him in my car, played soothing music (thank you Barry Manilow), placed crystals on his carrier (Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline), offered him Reiki, and sat with him for a short wait while his family arrived.

Rexy with his healing crystals

His family then took him home and I followed. My purpose was to offer energy healing to Rexy to help him adjust to being in, quite possibly, his first home. I was also there to help Patches and Jasmine. Rexy was placed in his own room (that had a glass screen door) and all three kitties initially hid. After an hour, I felt that the energy had been offered and accepted by all three cats. It was then time to let the energy do its work and let the cats adjust.

Patches and Jasmine welcoming Rexy

Within an hour, Patches was out exploring and checking out the room where Rexy was placed. Then Jasmine was exploring, too. And within 24 hours, all were at the glass window welcoming their old friend. When ready, Rexy has a beautiful crystal charm for his collar from AuraDog!

The introduction of a new pet to a home is a critical stage to be sure the pet feels secure, happy and loved in the home (and for existing pets, too). Cats are typically not good with change. And in this situation with Rexy encountering many firsts in his life (carpet, an indoor home, loving parents), I know that energy healing helped Rexy and his feline siblings feel good about the change.

Energy healing for pets is so important, and is often not considered, misunderstood or dismissed as unimportant. For those pets in shelters who may be suffering the aftermath of physical or emotional abuse/trauma, it can mean the difference between life (adoption) and death (because the pet is not showing well to be adopted). Like Rexy, energy healing can help with the transition to a new home; like Patches and Jasmine energy healing can help with the arrival of a new family member (pet, baby or spouse). For pets who are encountering physical or emotional/behavioral issues, energy healing (alongside veterinary care) can help the pet resolve the issue and stay at home rather than be surrendered to a shelter or simply tossed outside to fend for itself. For pets who have undergone surgery or a physical injury, energy healing can help speed the healing process (and can be beneficial for veterinary staff to learn).

Want to learn more about energy healing? Check out Manifested Harmony classes on energy therapy. My mission is to spread the message that energy healing is saving lives of pets. With over 10,000 pets per day being euthanized in American animal shelters, energy healing is a simply way to help. If you have a story to share about how energy healing helped an animal, please share!

All my best,


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Seeing Past the Muck: Relationships are What you Make Them

The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like. When it comes to relationships, you are treated the way you teach others to treat you. If you see things in people that you do not like, then you are focusing on and experiencing low-emotions such as blame, anger, anxiety, and disappointment. Your emotions then teach people how to interact with you.

If you have experienced difficulties with people in the workplace, or with family, friends or romantic relations, people will appear to you based on your beliefs and expectations for them. If you believe that someone will be disrespectful (whether based on past experiences or not), then you will see disrespectful behavior in them. If you believe that someone will be dishonest, they you will see dishonest behavior in them. But if you believe and see good things in people, then the Universe will match those beliefs so that those traits are shown to you. Where you put your focus is where your energy goes; and where your energy goes is what comes back to you. So if you focus on things that upset you, then you will attract and see more of what upsets you. If focus on what you like, then you will see more of what you like.

We cannot control other people, but we can control our reactions and how we relate to others. With our thoughts, feelings and actions, we can instantly change how we relate to people and that, in turn, will change how people relate to us. If you focus on what people are doing wrong, then your relationship with them will be experienced in that way. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says in The Power of Intentions, “As much as you’re inclined to blame them for your annoyance, it’s yours, and it’s coming from your thoughts. If you make a decision to put your inner attention, your life energy, on something quite different, your relationship will change.”

So how do you change your relationships with others? Check out a detailed article that I wrote called “The Workplace is What you Make it.” And while the article focuses on workplace relationships, the advice can be applied to any relationship. To get access, simply provide your name and email address in the box in the right column on my website and you will be given immediate access to that article and others to help you manifest your best life.

Relationships are created by energy, and if you change the energy that you radiate towards others to higher/positive energy, then higher/positive energy will be returned to you. No one can make you upset without your approval, and you can change your relationships and how you relate to your world simply based on changing your thoughts. So take some steps to see past the muck in some of your relationships and you will notice that those relationships will change for the better. And be sure to let me know how this works for you!
Take care,


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