Allie’s Favorite Things for 2013

During the holiday season (35 days), I have been sharing a daily post on my Facebook and Twitter pages of my absolute favorite yummy things as we float into 2013. I use all of these items and really do encourage you to check them out to help you on your path to well being. So if you missed any of them, here’s a recap!

1 = Goddess Leonie’s 2013 Calendars (to super charge your personal and work goals)

2 = Blessed Herbs cleanse is so gentle, all-natural, and really easy to use

3 = Beautiful handcrafted wooden trays for your tumbled crystal collection

4 = Manifested Harmony Gem and Essential Oil elixirs (check out the testimonials!)

5= Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck

6 = Vibes Up Earth on the bottom water bottle (a water bottle with crystals!!)

7 = is a great online source for crystals

8 = Everything Abraham Hicks (advanced Law of Attraction teachings): their books, CDs, conferences and daily affirmations are worth checking out!

9 = My Daily Affirmation Cards by Cheryl Richardson (I love pinning these to my vision boards)

10 = Oldtowne Gemstones in Alexandria, VA has a beautiful collection of crystals. Tell Mike that Allie sent you!

11 – Soul Spark cards by Jodi Chapman

12 – Harmony Healing bags by Manifested Harmony

13 – Free videos on the Mayan Mystery by Marcia Bench (super interesting!!)

14 = 100% Pure healthy cosmetics made with fruit (so they smell wonderful) and are not tested on animals

15 = Notes from The Universe for a daily dose of inspiration

16 = Wishes Fulfilled and I Am Meditations CD by Wayne Dyer

17 = Pulp products memory boards are excellent for vision boards

18 = Traveler’s Well for unique astrology reports to help you know what location will help you thrive, your soul path, relationships, etc.

19 = My Manifested Harmony family … thank you for being on this journey!

20 = Leaping Bunny is a coalition of animal protection organizations that certify products (and ingredients) not tested on animals and a great source for buying cruelty-free

21 = Green Hope Farms flower essences: a huge selection and very powerful.

22 = Aura Dog crystal charms for pets

23 = Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Healer course (I took this and it’s AMAZING)

24 = Yasmin Boland’s Moonology for brilliant insight into astrology

25 = Dying To Be Me book by Anita Moorjani (you will not fear death after reading this book)

26 = Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Advocating and Protecting Pets, a book written by MOI!!! This book gives you hundreds of ideas (big and small) on how to help companion animals.

27 = The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover

28 = Please adopt a pet from a shelter (don’t buy)!

29 = Manifested Harmony Law of Attraction coaching, energy therapy sessions and training opportunities for 2013

30 = Crystals!!!!! When you incorporate crystals into your life, you will notice dramatic shifts in how you feel (physically and emotionally). Even pets benefit from crystals!

31 = Gain access to my free one-hour Law of Attraction video on how to achieve financial stability

32 = Vibes Up plant crystals (put these in your plants and they will go wild!)

33 = Holosync deep meditation program by Centerpointe

34= One-year membership with Goddess Leonie to grow personally and professionally amongst like-minded individuals (and get access to all of her products and materials at no additional cost!!)

35 = 2013 intentions poster from Manifested Harmony (just enter your name and email in the box on the right and download the poster)!

I’ve had a blast sharing some of my favorite things with you and I hope that you will give some of them a try. Please let me know how you like these products. I know that they have all benefitted me tremendously.

I wish you a 2013 filled with well being and the manifestation of all that you desire!


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The World is not ending, but it’s changing

Which person are you? (1) Your energy levels are off kilter, you’re either too exhausted or too hyped up, and you’re becoming more sensitive to people and environments around you? Or (2) You feel nothing because you’re so busy with work, family, and spending a lot of time around technology, but notice that you’re more accident-prone?

We’re in the midst of a major Universal energy shift. It started some time ago, but it is picking up speed as we approach December 21st (end of the infamous Mayan calendar) and the end of 2012. Some people feel absolutely nothing and think that the rest of us are a bunch of whack-a-poodles; whereas others do not feel like “themselves”, no longer have interest in things they used to enjoy (like their careers or relationships), find they are becoming more aware/spiritual/in touch, all of which can be exhausting or exhilarating.  For me, I’ve unconsciously been preparing for this shift through all of the energy training I’ve received, the shifting of my thinking and beliefs around the Universal Laws, and for the past year have consciously embraced the energy shift which has left me very calm in a chaotic world. So while I do feel exhausted and energized at the same time, have lost interest in things that I used to enjoy, and have found a passion in other things, I know that this energy shift is a good thing. It may feel uncomfortable or downright painful for some; but it’s part of our evolution.

One way that I know that we’re shifting is based on the number of crazy, sad and tragic things that have been occurring. We’ve had 4 mass shootings this year, with our nation’s tipping point being the slaughter of children in Newtown, CT. I’ve also been hearing from friends that they know people who have unexpectedly passed away, had serious accidents, or other tragedies unfold. People are scared and it seems to be getting worse.

While I cannot begin to explain away some of these horrors (especially what happened in Newtown, even though I still straddle the legal and healing worlds), this is what I believe … and it is giving me comfort. Our nation needs a serious wakeup call. Our entire planet … needs an even bigger shake up. The U.S. has experienced 62 mass shooting events since 1982 and they are getting more extreme and frequent (especially in 2012). And while we were upset and grieved at the moment, we forgot once the media moved on. No real change was made. The Aurora movie theater shooting was this year, yet does anyone talk about it? We have endless wars and atrocities against humans (and animals) occurring in the Middle East and all over the world. But we’re numb to it. We have negative news streaming 24/7 and we are addicted to it. It’s become normal to have such extreme aggression, anger and slaughters.

The new energy is giving us a wake up call to stop the madness. We need to be shaken out of our numbness. We need to put the smart phones away when we’re out walking our dog (enjoy your dog!!!), when we’re standing in line at the grocery store (we really don’t want to hear your conversation), take the ear plugs out when you’re outside walking or jogging and enjoy the scenery, and we need to go back to relating to each other. We are so disconnected from each other and from Mother Earth that this has caused us all to become ungrounded. When we’re ungrounded, we are unhealthy (look at our horrific illness and overweight rates in the US), mentally unbalanced (we have an epidemic of depression, ADHD, autism, and countless mental health disorders), and completely disconnected from why we are here on Earth having this human experience.

Had we not collectively gone down this path (unconsciously), the energy shift might have been gentle. But with all of the greed, violence, and lack of compassion for all living creatures and our planet (consciously), we are getting the tough love version of the energy shift. This I absolutely believe with my whole heart.

Add on to all of this the mass fear across the planet regarding December 21st being the “End of the World”. The Law of Attraction will take a temperature of your fear and sense, “you have a high level of fear, so you must want more of that. Here it comes!” Fear is just false expectations appearing real and the world is not going to end … at least physically. But the energetic world as we know it is ending. And that’s a GREAT thing because we’ve been in a 5,000+ year Era of masculine energy of war and aggression. Now we are moving into a feminine energy of oneness and compassion. Gregg Braden has written a book called Deep Truth where he goes into our history to explain these energies.

Here’s the good news … You don’t have to encounter a tragedy during this shift. Banish the worry and fear, only look at the good and positive things in life, stop the madness in your own life, connect more with the planet and other living beings (both human and animal), be of service and compassion, treat others how you want to be treated, and be present (which means, no multi-tasking). In Reiki, we abide by these principles:

Just for today …

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful

Work hard.

Be kind.

If you open your heart to send love no matter what is happening around you, the Universe has no choice but to send you things to love (rather than things to fear).

For those of us involved in healing and compassionate work, we are Lightworkers who have been placed on this planet at this exact time to help others through the energy shift. I did not know that until a few years ago, but I now recognize that I am one of these Lightworkers. You, too, can also become a light worker by sending light and love out into the world, and turning away from negativity and fear.

If you are struggling, I can help. There are a lot of articles, videos and information on my website that will give you guidance and hope. If you still need more, send me an email or post a note on my Facebook or Twitter pages. If you need even more help, schedule an energy healing session or a one-time coaching session. By the time we’re done, you will have no worry or fear.

Even with the horrific events that have gone on across the globe this year, and even in the past week, we are encountering growing pains into a more compassionate age. But if we are not ready to grow, we will be forced through situations that grab our attention and force us to grow. I think every person in the U.S. agrees that we are done with the violence. The fallen angels of Newtown, CT taught us that lesson.

Let’s all decide to embrace this new energy and stop the madness. Let’s all go in to December 21st and beyond with a renewed faith in people and make 2013 the year that begins a new Era of peace, compassion and knowing that we are all one.




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Happy Holiday Pets

Let’s see a show of hands … how many of you are already stressed out over the holidays? Many of you have family arriving (or are expecting to travel), have a lengthy to-do list of gifts to purchase, and are worried about money. Many people look forward to, yet dread, the holiday season. Did you know that your companion animals pick up on your worry and stress and can manifest an illness or behavioral problem?

Companion animals are like magnets to their people; they know when we are sick or stressed and try to comfort us. But in their compassion, they also take on our stress so that it is lessened on us. So what’s a person to do to have a happy holiday pet?

1. Don’t change the quality or quantity of time that you spend with your pet. A sudden change, including ignoring your pet, can result in your companion animal getting your attention in a negative way.

Lucy helping with decorations

2. Shake off your negative or stressful energy before you enter your home. I like to do a sweeping technique where I take my right hand and brush 2 inches above my body down the left side (sweeping the energy down) and then switching hands. It takes 5-10 seconds and you will notice a calmer you. Or you can ground yourself by touching nature (yes, be a tree hugger) or simply do a few rounds of deep breathing.

3. Give your pets a safe and quiet space in your home for when family and visitors are around. Some pets thrive around visitors, whereas others feel stressed.

4. Be sensitive to what your pet wants (not what you want). If your pet enjoys visitors, include them in on the festivities and being a part of your family. If your pet is nervous around visitors, do not force them to interact.

My Sammy Elf (rest in peace)

5. If you are going away for a day or more, find care for your pet that benefits your pet. For most pets, this would include a doggy walker or pet sitter that comes to your home. While it may be easier for you to place your pet at a boarding facility, is that really what is best for your pet?

6. Be consistent in your pet’s diet. If you do not feed table scraps, then do not start during the holidays. Your cat may be thrilled if you have Tom the Turkey on your dining room table. But if your cat does not eat human-grade food, then partaking in Tom can upset the tummy.

7. Be cautious of live holiday plants that you bring into your home (or while walking your dog). Here are some lists of plants that are poisonous to pets: from VetMedicine and from the ASPCA Poison Control Center. Also be sure to read the labels on pet toys to make sure they were made with safe materials.

Oscar helping me wrap presents (rest in peace)

8. Talk to your pet! Tell them what is going on, parties that have been planned, visitors that are expected, and any change in schedule. You may think they do not understand, but they really do.

9. Consider calming techniques such as: energy healing (Reiki, crystal healing); engaging in touch with your pet (just hold your hands on your pet’s heart and back for a few minutes); natural calming products such as Feliway, Comfort Zone or Rescue Remedy; and playing soothing music in the room for your pet during parties. Or give me a call to come over and provide energy therapy to your pet(s) or do so remotely, and even check out the new line of Elixirs that are infused with healing crystals and Reiki.

Jacob waiting for Santa Paws

10. And lastly, show gratitude to your companion animal(s) during the holiday season and thank them for being a beautiful part of your life. And for those companions who have passed on (like my Oscar and Sammy this year), thank them for being your guardian angels.

If you or someone you know love animals, get a copy of my book Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets which makes a purrfect stocking stuffer!


Holiday blessings,

Allie & Jacob (now an official member of the Phillips family)
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