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Gem Elixirs!

Manifested Harmony has two lines of gem elixirs: one line has gem elixirs in pure distilled water infused in a crystal singing bowl, Reiki and a crystal chip and are safe for pets and people. The second line adds in 100% pure therapeutic essential oils from Young Living that are safe around pets, but made for people.

Each elixir bottle is created when your order is placed so that it is at its freshest. Order elixirs from our Etsy store!


These elixirs are not intended to cure any ailment or disease, but are energetic elixirs to help your body, mind and spirit move into balance. Enjoy!

For Pickup Orders: If you wish to order elixirs for personal pickup, just email me for a payment link and a pickup time. Please allow 48-hours for your elixir(s) to be created.

If you wish to special order an elixir, contact me what physical or emotional ailment you wish to be addressed and I will create an elixir just for you.

Gem Elixir Testimonials

“A chronic back condition had recently become acute and very debilitating.  Nothing seemed to be helping.  Allie suggested I try the “Pain in the Patootie” aroma therapy crystal elixir.  Not only did it smell nice, but it was instantly warming on my skin.  Within an hour, the pain had diminished significantly.  It was like I could finally take a deep breath again!  Thanks Allie/Manifested Harmony!” — Linda (Alexandria, VA)

“The Manifested Harmony elixirs are outrageously fantastic. When I received mine, they practically lept out of the bag on their own. After two weeks of daily use (both myself and my two gorgeous dogs), I can say without reservation that these elixirs are very effective. Using crystals, Reiki energy, and aromatherapy, Allie has created a wonderful complimentary tool for wellness and healing. Thank you Allie and Manifested Harmony!!!” – Elizabeth (Alexandria, VA)

Other Products I Love

I want to share their amazing natural healing products and classes that I ADORE and personally use myself. Click on the links below and begin to expand your awareness and healing.

I only recommend highly quality products and training, and would not affiliate with any company solely for profit. I highly recommend these companies, adore their services, and I am a customer myself.

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Purchase amazing healing and crystal products from VibesUP!
(P.S. I love their crystals for plants and Earth on the Bottom bottle)

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As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Life Coach, I can help you find clarity on what you really want in life. And once you are clear, I can coach you on how to manifest those desires using the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worried or fearful about the future, let me help you. Understanding the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws will give you peace of mind to know that your life is truly in your hands.


Energy and crystal therapy can provide an immediate sense of relaxation, comfort, ease and wellbeing. As a certified practitioner, I can create a healing space for you to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul-purpose well being. If you suffer from physical aches, ailments or disease, feel emotionally and mentally drained, or need a spiritual boost, energy and crystal therapy will help provide more harmony and help you manifest your best life.


As a certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor and Crystal Healer, I can provide the necessary attunements and education so that you can provide self-healing and healing to others. Training sessions can be individual or in small scheduled group sessions.