The Oily Pet Book: Essential Oils for Cats and Dogs

Are you confused about whether it’s safe to use essential oils with cats and dogs?

I was too, until I did the research.

I am an internationally-recognized animal protection attorney and former prosecuting attorney (I am not a veterinarian). In my legal work and over 20 years volunteering in shelters, I have been around thousands of pets rescued from abusive and neglectful situations. They may be physically safe, but how are they emotionally healing? And family pets seem to be struggling with high levels of stress these days.

I have spent over 7 years studying the chemistry and effects of essential oils for cats and dogs and how they can be safely used with and around pets. I find a lot of confusing, incomplete and inaccurate information on the Internet. Since 2013, I have safely used essential oils to help family pets, shelter pets, and abused/neglected animals. In teaching HUNDREDS of classes on safely using essential oils with pets, including being invited to teach at Young Living’s Animals & Essential Oil 2017 & 2018 Conferences and the 2019 On the Grow Conference, I decided to publish what has worked for me, my cats, shelter pets I work with, and my pet clients.

The Oily Pet will give you confidence in using essential oils with and around pets.

The Oily Pet is an easy-to-read 24-page booklet that will help you identify and reduce toxins in your pet’s environment, how to identify pet-safe essential oils, how/when/where to safely use essential oils with pets, how to safely use oils with your cat, and a listing of essential oils that pets love. When I look to educational materials about how to safely use essential oils with pets, the materials are either too superficial and incomplete, or intimidatingly in-depth. This one is written to give you the information you need in an easy format. And it’s perfect to hand out at your essential oil for pet classes!

And a big thank you to Dr. Susan Albright DVM for peer-reviewing the booklet and writing a Foreward from the perspective of a veterinarian!

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13 thoughts on “The Oily Pet Book: Essential Oils for Cats and Dogs

  1. Kari Roehl says:

    I was so excited to receive my copy of The Oily Pet last week. It is an easy read, concise, and packed full of information. I read it cover to cover in a small space of time Allie debunks a ton of myths about utilizing essential oils in our pets daily lives. There’s plenty to learn, even by a seasoned user, like myself. Allie shares her love of animals and helps us understand how oils can enhance our pets lives. I will be recommending it to all my friends who share their lives with pets.

  2. Sherri Wiegman says:

    Since being introduced to essential oils, I have tried to learn more and use the oils for the betterment of my husband and my lives, but also our cats. There is so much untruthful information out there on essential oils for pets. One learns in The Oily Pet that not all essential oils are made equally. If you don’t use therapeutic grade, seed to seal essential oils, which is what Young Living oils are and guaranteed to be, you are putting your pets at risk.
    I am such a believer in The Oily Pet I sent two copies to a cat rescue group here in Michigan. Spreading the word about the best way to use essential oils and the only oils to buy. Thank you Allie for sharing your knowledge and making it easy to help others learn about using essential oils for their pets.

  3. LISA NOVAK says:

    This book is amazing! I am so thrilled with it. Allie really speaks (or in this case writes) in simple, easy to understand language that makes it easy to read and start using essential oils right away with confidence knowing that you are helping not hurting your fur babies. I have given copies to a shelter I work with and a local boarding facility that I use. In addition, Allie really speaks to my “hippie” soul since I also use crystals and oils in my daily life, I have scheduled a workshop to inspire others to use crystals and oils with their pets and this book is a great addition! Thank you Allie for all you do! You are amazing!

  4. Cathy VanHollenbeck says:

    Love, love this book!
    It’s an easy read, so when I give it to someone I know I’m not overwhelming them with a lot of pages to read. Allie’s love of animals, their physical and emotional well being; along with their parents and rescue or shelter groups, comes through for the reader to see. There is so much nonsense out on the internet about using oils around animals, The Oily Pet explains oils, encourages research and explains what to look for in a good therapeutic essential oil. Although I know Allie uses Young Living and that’s the only EO I would use or recommend for pets, the book doesn’t mention Young Living. I like that because some people can think I’m just trying to sell them something. I want them to know my heart is to share a healthy lifestyle for them and their pets and finding a company they can trust is the first step. A true Seed to Seal company is what they will want once they read this book. Thank you Allie for sharing your love for animals and educating us in this area.

  5. Michelle V. Brown says:

    Finally! An easy to read (and understand) booklet that contains truly safe and effective info on using essential oils with my cat and dog. I heard Allie speak at the Animals and Oils Conference; I value her as a trusted source for education.

  6. Heather Henderson says:

    Love this book! I got a few copies and gave one to a shelter that I do oils with. I even make a power point to go With the book. Everything about the book keeps its simple and straight forward. The facts make it clear to anyone who reads it…that change needs to happen! You can easily had this book to someone and they can learn and be confident with essential oils and their pets!

  7. Faye A Anderson says:

    I bought this at the conference in WI in June and love it… when things slow up this fall hope to use it to help me help others in my area as there are not alot of folks who do ALOT with oils and animals… I am working on changing that by educating myself. Thanks again for the great book!

  8. Susan Ellison says:

    This is an excellent booklet to get started using EO for pets. It’s concise, easy to read and follow. Well done.

  9. TAMMY DUDLEY says:

    I love this book. Easy read plus I have shared it with others. So we can get the word out there
    thank you

  10. Sharon Quibell says:

    This booklet is an excellent resource to share with newbies to essential oils who are concerned about using them around pets, as well as those who already use oils ourselves. Allie’s experience and expertise is reassuring and thorough with down-to-earth, backed by references, explanations on how to use oils and why it’s okay to use oils around our beloved pets.

  11. Karen VandeRyt says:

    This booklet is a great reference guide to help with beginning a journey of pet wellness with essential oils. It is easy to follow, concise, and to the point. Information is easy to locate and thorough. It is also enjoyable to read. I have used it often and recommend it to everyone!

  12. Kim Day says:

    This book has been added to my new member packet that I hand out – whether they have a pet or not! Thanks!!!

    1. Allie Phillips says:

      That is awesome!!!!

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