Basic Crystal Healing: Science, Art & Grids

Monster grid

In this one-day (8 hour) training you will learn:

  • the history, science and art of how crystals work and provide healing;
  • common myths about crystals;
  • how to care for and properly use crystals;
  • how crystals balance chakras;
  • how crystals in your home can soothe the energy;
  • how sacred geometry and crystal grids work to send energy;
  • how to create body grids and layouts specific to healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms (including my favorite grid and layout recipes);
  • the energy range of crystals;
  • how to make crystal elixirs and how they work;
  • how to receive messages from crystals;
  • meditating with and learning about 10 foundational healing crystals; and more!

Preview one page from the training manual!

Class pre-requisite:


Your class materials:

You will be provided 16 healing crystals, a 50+ page training handbook and a certificate. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how and why crystals work, be able to explain to others how crystals work, and immediately be able to use them individually or in grids.

Class length:

Class is from 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Registration deadline:

You must register seven (7) days before the class in order for your crystals to be purchased and workbook prepared.


“This is knowledge for life!” — Ivar (Front Royal, Virginia)

“I came into the class hoping to become a believer, but still having some skepticism. After doing the chakra rebalancing with the crystals, I am a believer! The difference in how I felt is so tangible.” – Brady (Lansing, Michigan)

“This was an amazing day of learning. Allie is a knowledgeable, caring teacher who works to further all students in her class. This was inspiring and has sparked my desire to continue on a path of well-being, health & healing for myself and my family. Excellent class, I would recommend the class and Allie to all.” – Kai (Cedar Springs, Michigan)

“The information presented in this class was very helpful and immediately useful.” – Mary (Lansing, MI)

“Very well structured. Very informative. You will walk away with a very good basic knowledge of crystals and how to use them to improve your wellbeing.” – LeeAnn (DeWitt, MI)

“Your classes have already made such a positive difference that my partner wants me to take more classes!” — Angela (Mason Neck, Virginia)

“Crystals definitely have an energy that I can feel. Learned so much … loved it!” – Deb (Lansing, MI)

“This was a great and fun class that everyone should experience” — Linnea (Front Royal, Virginia)

“Allie is a wonderful teacher! She is knowledgeable, friendly, warm and just overall an excellent leader and person. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and imparts it freely and makes anyone feel comfortable.” — Heather (Arlington, VA)

“[Crystal Healing Basics & Grids] was very well organized and flowed extremely well. Allie is a wonderful teacher and trainer and conveys information with lots of clarity. So glad I found out about her. I can now work with my own crystals in a much more conscientious way.” – Vanessa (Alexandria, Virginia)

“This class was incredible. I highly recommend it!” – Kate (Ohio)

“This information and the crystals will be very helpful in my spiritual journey. I appreciate your willingness to answer on the spot questions.” – Marjory (Lansing, MI)