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Why should you take a Reiki class?

Usui Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that can be used with people and animals. Reiki helps to relax and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Reiki does not come from a person, but rather comes through a practitioner as a result of specific attunements (connections) to the different levels of Reiki energy.

When you learn Reiki, you can offer the relaxation of Reiki to yourself, your pets, and other people. You do not need any special training or experience to take a Reiki energy healing class.

As a Certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, I will provide the energy attunements, a training workbook, and certificate for each Reiki class.

Classes are held in Lansing, MI unless otherwise noted.

You must register at least 7 days in advance of each class.

Here’s what you’ll receive in my Reiki classes:

  • Reiki First Degree will introduce you to the healing power of Reiki, provide four energy attunements, and you will learn how to sense energy, how to give a self-healing session and to another person. This is a one day class (8 hours).
  • Reiki Second Degree will teach you how to call in the energy through three Reiki symbols (power, mental/emotional and distant healing symbols). You will receive two energy attunements and will learn additional techniques for offering Reiki. You must have 20-40 documented full Reiki sessions (on either people or animals) before registering for this class. This is a one day class (8 hours).
  • Reiki Third Degree/Master is divided into a Master Practitioner certification and Master Teacher certification (practitioner required for teacher certification). I have taught Master class in destination locations to allow us to disconnect from our everyday lives and connect to the Reiki energy. And you must register at least 30 days in advance of the Master class so that travel arrangements can be made. The class can also be held in Lansing, MI when the student is ready. You must have 80-100 documented full Reiki sessions (on either people or animals) and speak with me before registering for the Master class.
    • In Reiki Master Practitioner you will explore what it means to be a Reiki Master, receive the Reiki Master attunement, learn Reiki Master healing techniques, the Reiki meditation and Spiritual Review, and how Reiki combines with other healing modalities. This is class is 1-1/2 days.
    • In Reiki Master Teacher class you will receive the Reiki Master Teacher attunement, learn how to give attunements, learn how to teach Reiki classes, and learn practical steps on how to create and successfully have a Reiki business. This class is an additional 2 days.
  • Reiki for Animals will focus on offering Reiki energy to animals (particularly cats, dogs, horses, donkeys and small pets) and includes hands-on practice with two animals (including one off-site energy healing session with animals). It is important to learn the differences between offering Reiki to animals versus people and how to do so safely. I have extensive practical experience in offering Reiki to animals (cats, dogs, horses, even a moose), especially shelter pets. Reiki Level One is a pre-requisite for this class. This is a one day class (7 hours).
Chester (a shelter cat) enjoying a Reiki session
Click the photo to watch Reiki for shelter cat Minnie in action!
Reiki helped Bessie after she was evacuated from a shelter in the Bahamas and flown to Michigan before Hurricane Dorian.

Who are my classes for?

  • Anyone who is interested in alternative wellness techniques
  • Anyone who is interested in learning a relaxing technique or the body, mind and spirit
  • Anyone who wants to work on releasing negative emotions
  • Anyone who has (or desires to have) a healing or massage business and wants to add Reiki to their practice
  • Anyone who is interested in growing their spiritual and wellness path
  • Anyone who wants to offer Reiki to their pet, pet clients or shelter pets.

Class Schedule

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Erik Class Dates Fee Payment
Reiki Level One March 28, 2020 $195 ($175 if registered 30 days in advance)

Reiki Level Two (Reiki One is a pre-requisite) April 3, 2020 $225 ($200 if registered 30 days in advance)

Reiki Level Three (Practitioner Only) Scheduled at the request of the student after meeting with me $350 ($315 if registered 45 days in advance)

Reiki Level Three (Practitioner & Teacher) Scheduled at the request of the student after meeting with me $850 ($765 if registered 45 days in advance)

Reiki for Animals (Reiki One is a pre-requisite) March 29, 2020 $180 ($162 if registered 30 days in advance)

Combo: Reiki Level One & Reiki for Animals (discount for both classes) March 28-29, 2020 $360 ($325 if registered 30 days in advance)

Special rate: Reiki Level One & Reiki for Animals class for animal protection professionals $300 special rate if registered 30 days in advance)


“I am a Reiki Master and took [Reiki Level One] for certification purposes. It was an awesome class and I learned a lot. Highly recommend the class!” — Kathy (Middletown, Delaware)

“There isn’t a lot out there on [Reiki for Animals] and it is quite different from Reiki on people. This class fills a definite need – and the fact that it is held in person with live animals – and not online – is a big plus!” – Gina (Springfield, VA)

“Allie was very patient, welcoming and provided a great learning environment. I enjoyed myself and looking forward to my next certification.” -Brittany (Alexandria, Virginia)

Reiki first degree provided me with fundamentals of Reiki as well as important practical hands-on skills that were observed and tweaked with the help of Allie. I definitely feel much more prepared to try Reiki with my friends than I originally thought I would.” — Charlotte (Arlington, Virginia)

‘The information provided [in Reiki for Animals] was very comprehensive. It was great practicing on the cats, and the field trip to practice on the horses was the cherry on top!” – Nicole (Falls Church, VA)

“Reiki Level 1 and Reiki for Animals classes are absolutely wonderful! I honestly feel this training is transformational for me, for my pets, and for many others in the days and years to come. Allie explains the concepts and practical application in relatable terms. This knowledge is a fabulous tool to have in your tool kit. I humbly expect that it will continue to bring great benefit to my life, but also to others. Thanks Allie!” — Patricia (Alexandria, Virginia)

“Allie has an abundance of knowledge and presents the information in a very thoughtful and interesting way. The hands on practice really rounds out the experience.” — Jennifer S.(Alexandria, VA)

“[Reiki One] was a great introduction to Reiki and a great blend of discussion and “doing”. Allie created a positive, professional, inclusive learning environment and she was open to and positively responsive to questions. This class exceeded my expectations.” — Jennifer W. (Alexandria, VA)

“I felt very comfortable with the design and progression of Reiki First Degree class. I learned so much in one day.” — Julie (Alexandria, Virginia)

“Being able to work with different animals during class was incredibly beneficial. Learning by doing.” — Julie (Alexandria, Virginia)

“Reiki Two class is another transformational experience. I am thrilled to incorporate my new-found knowledge into my life” — Pat (Alexandria, VA)

“Reiki Two taught me how to listen to my own intuition and combine healing modalities to help myself, my animals and others.” — Julie (Alexandria, VA)