Allie’s Top 10 Can’t Live Without Oils!

Top 10 Cant live without oils1

I travel a lot for my work and I am not immune to everyday stress. In particular I have a history of feeling icky after being on airplanes. So these are my Top 10 Young Living products that I use religiously everyday. And I’m feeling pretty darn good!

Ningxia Red1. Ningxia Red (absolutely #1 for me for natural energy)

2. Lemon (always one drop in my drinking water)

3. Joy (what a great way to start the day)

4. Super B (natural energy throughout the day)

5. Mindwise (keeps my brain and focus happy)

6. Life 5 (probiotic)

Thieves essential rewards7.  Thieves (oil, hand soap, household cleaner, dish soap, laundry soap, toothpaste)

8. Infused 7 kit (to balance and grow in all 7 areas of my life)

9. Frankincense (on the bottom of feet before bedtime)

10. Cedarwood (on my forehead before bedtime)


And for my cats, these are their top purrfect oils!

Animal Scents kit1. Animal Scents kit (the only kit you will ever need for pets)

2. Copaiba (soothes the body)

3. Lavender (calming)

4. Release (when emotions need letting go)

5. Stress Away (diffusing calmness)