A Gratitude Time Out

Gratitude journalWhat does gratitude mean to you? Do you ever ponder what you are grateful for, or do your days pass by without giving it a thought? For most people, life is so hectic, filled with to-do lists, taking care of others, and getting from one place to another, that they do not take a moment to revel in gratitude. Gratitude is one key step to consciously working the Law of Attraction into your life. When you can list what you are grateful for, even just 5 things, you shift your vibration and your energy to a positive level. That shift can bring about positive changes and help you draw things into your life that you desire.

Consciously working gratitude throughout your day is essential to living a harmonic life. When you are stressed, struggling to meet a deadline, encountering difficult people, working a job that you dislike, sitting in traffic, or bombarded by the chaos in life, that is precisely when you should take a gratitude time out. For even just one minute, sit wherever you are in silence (turn off the radio, TV, computer and any distractions), close your eyes if you can (unless you are driving!), and mentally reflect on what you are grateful for. Even if you feel like your life is falling apart, there are always things that you can be grateful for.

Be grateful taking a gratitude time out; be grateful for the breaths you are taking for that means that you are still alive and able to take control of your life; be grateful for anyone in your life that is supportive and loving (especially pets); be grateful for the sunshine, a fresh breeze, birds that sing to you in the morning, and that frisky squirrel that is determined to get into your backyard bird feeder. If you take the time to reflect, you will surprise yourself at how much you have to be grateful for, regardless of what realities may plague your life. Whenever you feel on the brink of a stressed-induced breakdown, take a gratitude time out and notice how you can immediately shift your energy to a positive path. Because once you can step onto a positive path, your are one step closer to manifesting what your heart desires. So today, take at least one gratitude time out. And do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day …

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