Why choose Manifested Harmony?

Offering Reiki to a moose in Alaska! Fabulous!
Offering Reiki to a moose in Alaska! Fabulous!

I want to thank you for reading more about how I can help you. I hope the information below will answer all of your questions. If not, please feel free to email me!

Why should I choose Manifested Harmony when there are so many coaches and energy healers out there?

I love it that there is massive growth of people who are becoming coaches and energy healers. Goodness knows our world needs it! Let me share a few things that are unique about me.

  • The photo below is how my students and clients describe me.

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  • What usually surprises people is that I’m an attorney! I am a former prosecuting attorney who still trains criminal justice professionals on handling animal abuse cases and how to protect animals. So with all that I do, I need proof that energy laws and healing work and I share all of that in my classes.
Hanging out with Baxter from The Anchorman movies!
Hanging out with Baxter from The Anchorman movies!
  • I give you more than what you will expect during a class or session. That is because I’m not a one-method person. I have extensive training and experience in working with crystals (I was taught by a science teacher, so you get some cool sciencey stuff in my classes), how to safely work with essential oils (I have learned from chemists, doctors, veterinarians and from the founder of Young Living), how Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy helps the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies, and how everything that we do is governed by Universal Vibrational Laws (so if you have a crappy attitude and outlook on life, there’s only so much that oils, crystals and healing can do for you). So no matter what class you take, or which session you select, I weave everything together because none of us are one dimensional, right?
  • My classes are super fun! I am a natural teacher and I get so excited when I can share what I know. And there is always room for questions and I make sure that everyone walks away completely understanding what I’ve taught.
  • If you are a first-timer to healing classes, I make you feel at home because I was there too! Remember, I had an attorney brain and through all of my classes I was able to work with the energy and open up my intuition. I will show how you can, too!
  • I love love love animals so my mission is to train as many people who work or volunteer with animals. I believe it is how we can make shelter pets and even veterinary clinics comfortable and safe for animals. A majority of the people who have joined Manifested Harmony either have pets or they work with animals. Not only do I help them to help the animals in their care, but I help them to help themselves.
Volunteering at King Street Cats (Alexandria, VA).
  • I have the highest work and practice ethics (that’s the attorney in me), I always make sure that students and clients know how they can go home and help themselves, their family and their pets. My goal is for you to learn rather than keep coming to me. So I give you practical easy tips for daily living.
  • I am socially-conscious so a portion of every class proceed is donated to a non-profit organization that I love and respect. Check out the list so far!
  • And lastly, you will have access to me! I’ve learned from a lot of great teachers, but after the training was complete, I did not have access to them. And with some, I only had virtual access. With me, you stay connected to me because I have several private Facebook pages where I engage with everyone! So if questions arise, I can help you … even if it’s 5 years after you take a class!

Why do your in-person classes cost more than other teachers?

I bring a lot of value to my classes so that you walk away knowing that you’ve made a great investment in yourself. I set the cost for each class based on several few factors: (1) I have extensive training and experience in each vibrational technique that I teach. Each modality provides value for the others, and combined together provides a unique learning experience. (2) I have small classes (usually no more than 6 or 9 people) so that you have more time to ask questions and practice what you have learned. For my Crystal Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and Reiki classes, you will provide/receive a session as part of your training. For my healing classes for animals, you will provide a session to at least one animal. (3) For my Crystal Healing classes, you will receive crystals to take home and work with, and will engage in practical work such as creating crystal elixirs. (4) You receive detailed training workbooks that you can take home and begin working from home. This reduces how many notes you need to take so that you can focus in class. (4) I give you extra value by weaving in other vibrational techniques that compliment your class. For instance, I will discuss how crystals or essential oils can bolster Reiki or IET treatments. And (5) all past students have rated my classes as “excellent.”

What are your coaching classes like?

I started Manifested Harmony by offering one-on-one coaching. And while I enjoyed that method, I found that my clients thrived more when I offered group coaching classes. The energy of being in a class with like-minded people, learning together, and having the group hold each accountable for getting tasks completed resulted in significantly better outcomes for all! And the group classes are so much fun for me to teach because I do them online so that it does not matter where you live! What is really unique about my group coaching classes is that I just don’t give you all the nuances of Universal Energy Laws (such as the Law of Attraction), but I give you loads of practical information for daily living (such as how tools like essential oils, crystals, affirmations, and other techniques work alongside the energy laws). This is why my mission for Manifested Harmony is to create a place where energy laws & healing to come together! And stay tuned … I have a great online group coaching class in creation!