About Crystals

Clevelandite with Tourmaline

A Note about crystals:

Crystals have an unchanging physical structure and balanced energy, whereas humans and animals have an electromagnetic energy field (EMF) that is influenced by numerous outside sources and becomes imbalanced easily. Our EMF is what creates our physical and emotional structure. When our EMF is imbalanced, this is when we attract physical or emotional ailments. When we hold a crystal, have a crystal nearby, or work with elixirs, our EMF begins to sync with the balanced energy of the crystal and we are positively impacted by it. Crystals rebalance our EMF which helps us move towards balanced physical and emotional health. If you are consciously accepting of the energy of the crystals, you are more likely to sync to its energy compared to a person who is resistant. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat or heal and disorder; instead, crystal energy positively impacts our EMF.

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Photo used with permission from RMCybernetics

The energy emitting from a crystal has been captured by Kirlian Photography (see above). This energy can positively impact the EMF for people and animals when in contact.

The video gives a wonderful concise explanation of the scientific and metaphysical properties of crystals.