Allie’s Favorite Things for 2013

During the holiday season (35 days), I have been sharing a daily post on my Facebook and Twitter pages of my absolute favorite yummy things as we float into 2013. I use all of these items and really do encourage you to check them out to help you on your path to well being. So if you missed any of them, here’s a recap!

1 = Goddess Leonie’s 2013 Calendars (to super charge your personal and work goals)

2 = Blessed Herbs cleanse is so gentle, all-natural, and really easy to use

3 = Beautiful handcrafted wooden trays for your tumbled crystal collection

4 = Manifested Harmony Gem and Essential Oil elixirs (check out the testimonials!)

5= Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck

6 = Vibes Up Earth on the bottom water bottle (a water bottle with crystals!!)

7 = is a great online source for crystals

8 = Everything Abraham Hicks (advanced Law of Attraction teachings): their books, CDs, conferences and daily affirmations are worth checking out!

9 = My Daily Affirmation Cards by Cheryl Richardson (I love pinning these to my vision boards)

10 = Oldtowne Gemstones in Alexandria, VA has a beautiful collection of crystals. Tell Mike that Allie sent you!

11 – Soul Spark cards by Jodi Chapman

12 – Harmony Healing bags by Manifested Harmony

13 – Free videos on the Mayan Mystery by Marcia Bench (super interesting!!)

14 = 100% Pure healthy cosmetics made with fruit (so they smell wonderful) and are not tested on animals

15 = Notes from The Universe for a daily dose of inspiration

16 = Wishes Fulfilled and I Am Meditations CD by Wayne Dyer

17 = Pulp products memory boards are excellent for vision boards

18 = Traveler’s Well for unique astrology reports to help you know what location will help you thrive, your soul path, relationships, etc.

19 = My Manifested Harmony family … thank you for being on this journey!

20 = Leaping Bunny is a coalition of animal protection organizations that certify products (and ingredients) not tested on animals and a great source for buying cruelty-free

21 = Green Hope Farms flower essences: a huge selection and very powerful.

22 = Aura Dog crystal charms for pets

23 = Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Healer course (I took this and it’s AMAZING)

24 = Yasmin Boland’s Moonology for brilliant insight into astrology

25 = Dying To Be Me book by Anita Moorjani (you will not fear death after reading this book)

26 = Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Advocating and Protecting Pets, a book written by MOI!!! This book gives you hundreds of ideas (big and small) on how to help companion animals.

27 = The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover

28 = Please adopt a pet from a shelter (don’t buy)!

29 = Manifested Harmony Law of Attraction coaching, energy therapy sessions and training opportunities for 2013

30 = Crystals!!!!! When you incorporate crystals into your life, you will notice dramatic shifts in how you feel (physically and emotionally). Even pets benefit from crystals!

31 = Gain access to my free one-hour Law of Attraction video on how to achieve financial stability

32 = Vibes Up plant crystals (put these in your plants and they will go wild!)

33 = Holosync deep meditation program by Centerpointe

34= One-year membership with Goddess Leonie to grow personally and professionally amongst like-minded individuals (and get access to all of her products and materials at no additional cost!!)

35 = 2013 intentions poster from Manifested Harmony (just enter your name and email in the box on the right and download the poster)!

I’ve had a blast sharing some of my favorite things with you and I hope that you will give some of them a try. Please let me know how you like these products. I know that they have all benefitted me tremendously.

I wish you a 2013 filled with well being and the manifestation of all that you desire!


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