Animal Crystal Healing Certification

Certified Animal Crystal Healer (CACH)

If you graduated from the Crystal Healing for Animals and Advanced Crystal Healing classes, you are eligible to complete the requirements  to receive a Certified Animal Crystal Healer certificate.

Click here to access the Class Resource pages from all of the classes.

(1) You must complete the requirements within 90 days of the Advanced Crystal Healing class or the Crystals for Animals class (which ever class came last). If you took either class prior to 2021, you have 90 days from being notified of this certification option.

(2) You must successfully complete the online Quiz about animals. To take your 20 question online quiz, please go to Click on “student site”. Your login and password from the CCH quiz are the same. If you do not have a login please contact Allie.  The quiz is open book, there is no time limit, and you can take the quiz two times (the highest score prevails). Please do not log out or close your computer in the middle of the quiz since it does not save your results. You need to score 75% or higher to pass (15 questions correct out of 20). After you finish the exam, please email me to let me know you are finished (the system does not notify me).

(3) Conduct a crystal healing session on an animal of your creation (not from the class workbook), take a photo of the crystal layout and e-mail a writeup of why you choose the crystals and how the animal responded during/after the session, along with how you felt and any questions you have from the session.

(4) Create a crystal grid for an animal of your creation (not from the class workbook), take a photo of the grid and e-mail a write-up of the intention for the grid, why you selected the sacred geometry formation and crystals, and how the grid is working for you.

(5) Sign and return the Code of Ethics for Animals form. Download it here and email back to Allie.

(6) Please submit all assignments in ONE email.

(7) For anyone who took the Advanced Crystal Healing and Crystal Healing for Animals classes prior to 2020, there is a $99 fee for processing your certification.

Once all of these requirements are completed I will send your CACH Certificate to you and the CACH logo you may use.