Annual ritual

Each birthday, many people reflect back on the prior year and assess the achievement of their goals or what has been left undone. Some people do this consciously, as an annual ritual, while others try to ward off thoughts of their birthday. Today is my day of reflection.

It can easy to focus on what has been left undone and continue to add the same goals to your list to be achieved by your next birthday. Maybe you write out your list of intentions and goals and put it in an envelope not to be opened until your next birthday, or you post your intentions like a banner in a place you will see it everyday. Having you list of intentions is a good practice to stay focused and manifest what you desire. If you feel like you have the same goals year after year and have not achieved what you want, you may simply need to shift your energy. So instead of focusing on what you did not achieve, focus on what you accomplished during the past year.

If your energy is focused on lack and what you have still to achieve, then that sends a message to the Universe that you have lack and you will only manifest “the desire to achieve” rather than actually achieving your goal. To do this, shift the energy and feel gratitude for all that you accomplished in the last year and that will increase your vibration to allow you to reach more of your goals. For me, here are just a few things that I am grateful for achieving in the past year:

  • My first book, How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation, was published and I am so grateful to everyone who has purchased and read the book;
  • I wrote my second book, Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets, and received the printed version just last week (and it will go on sale next month);
  • I launched a consulting business which included the creation of the National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse through the National District Attorneys Association;
  • I launched Sheltering Animals & Families Together, a national program that provides guidelines to domestic violence on how to house families with pets;
  • I launched Manifested Harmony and have the joy of communicating with people like you, and coaching and providing healing to those who want to manifest their best life;
  • I received my master teacher certifications in Usui Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy; and
  • I achieved a level of peace and security about the present and future that allows me to live happily in a world with so much uncertainty and chaos.

There are many other personal achievements, but these are just a few of the goals that I am reflecting on today. And while I still have some items that were not achieved (yet I know through the Law of Attraction are in the process of manifesting … I can feel it), I will write those items on a piece of paper and place it prominently above my computer in my home office as a reminder to keep my energy focused.

So while your “day of aging and growing more wise” may be fraught with mixed emotions, remember that you were brought to this earth to provide a specific service. Maybe your service is to be a good parent, to care for animals, to run a business that helps others, to be a leader, to be a good friend and neighbor, or to show compassion and kindness to everyone. Celebrate your special gifts to the world on this day that is yours.

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