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Join The Sacred Shift

Have you been feeling angry, fearful, unmotivated, have mysterious physical issues and are just feeling off? Have you become captivated by spirituality and wanting to live your soul mission, but you feel stuck and don’t know where to start? The Sacred Shift will give you multiple tools in how to flow with the changing energies to feel your best and shift into your full potential.


Watch Body System Wellness Series

Welcome to the Body System Wellness Series! This 12-part series will give you the causes for imbalance in the system, lifestyle recommendations, essential oils, supplements, and crystals to help maintain balance and feel your best.

Join a Crystal Class

If you are intrigued about crystals, learn the SCIENCE and metaphysical spiritual properties of how crystals can balance your energy in body-mind-spirit! When you enroll in a class you will be invited to join my Crystal Cluster graduate community. I also offer 3 certifications.


Learn about Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are made the same. Learn how to safely use essential oils to jumpstart your wellness well-being for you AND your pet!


Join an Integrated Energy Therapy Class

Are ready to learn a gentle yet powerful angelic healing method that removes unwanted emotions at the cellular level? With each class and attunement you will free yourself to live your soul purpose


Watch The Oily Crystal Master Class

Welcome to The Oily Crystal Master Class!!!! If you love crystals and essential oils and are ready to demystify the benefits created with essential oils and crystal, this is your master class. Work through the 4 on-demand classes and 70 page workbook at your pace. It’s time to take your knowledge to the next level!

Join Visioning for 2023 Class

If you struggle to set and achieve your New Year’s goals, please join an interactive class where I share a system I have used for 15 years. Set yourself up for success in 2023 with my in-depth system for setting & achieving your goals

Watch The Year of Well-Being

Welcome to The Year of Well-Being Series! This 12-part series will focus on infusing more well-being into a specific area of life. Learn lifestyle techniques, essential oils and crystals for greater well-being in all layers of your beautiful life!

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