Vibrational Healing

When: Coming soon!

Where: Online!

Cost: $79

If you are curious about energy healing, but have hesitated making the investment in taking a class or scheduling a session, then this class is for you! Spend an afternoon to open yourself to the expanding world of Vibrational Healing for people and animals! You will receive an introduction to the science and art of how energy can heal, vibrational healing techniques (such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, healing touch, crystal healing, and vibrational essences), the chakra system and how it impacts your health and emotions, and opportunities to experience healing and learn with Manifested Harmony. This class will transform how you view your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing (and that of your pet!). You will walk away with some practical immediate steps that you can take. You will also learn about class opportunities to delve deeper into these concepts.
One week before the class, you will receive the login information to join in online!
If someone recommended that you take this class, list the name of the person in the field “Add special instructions to seller” (on the Pay Pal page) so that I can thank them with a gift!

Testimonials about this class:

“This course provided a valuable overview of healing options and opportunities: enough information to have familiarity, but not so much as to overwhelm. A good basic course in a relaxed leaning environment.” — Jennifer (Alexandria, Virginia)

“Introduction to Vibrational Healing provides great oversight of the many ways we can bring positive energy into our everyday life. It almost feels like the options are endless, leaving you feeling like you can “conquer” any situation, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.” — Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)