Win a free space in Vibrational Healing class!

Now through November 1, 2013, if you recommend someone to take my online Vibrational Healing class being held on November 3rd from 2-5 pm eastern, you will win free admission to this class (valued at $49)!

When they register, ask them to put your name in the “add special instructions to seller” field” when they register, or if they forget to do that just contact me to give me their name.

If you get 2 or more people to register, I will also send you a complimentary Manifested Harmony hand-crafted crystal elixir (a different elixir for each person you get to register). You can check them out on my Etsy page and start to make a list of the elixirs you want! Good deal, eh?

So here’s a little blurb that you can send via email or post on your Facebook page so that you can win a free class and get some elixirs:

  • Tired of being stressed, being broke and living small? Want to feel great and live life with gusto? My friend Allie is a Master Energy Healer and Law of Attraction coach. She’s hosting a great 3-hour online webinar called “Vibrational Healing” on Nov. 3 for only $49. When you register, list my name in the “add special instructors to seller” field so that she knows that I sent you! I’ll be in the class too. Here’s a link to learn more and register:
One of my missions is to educate people about how energy laws and healing can improve their life (and the life of their companion animal(s)). You can help me with this mission by telling your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and everyone know about this class. When you understand how energy laws and healing work, the happier and more in-control of your life you will be. So help me with my mission and win a free class (and some yummy healing elixirs) as my way of saying thank you!
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