Connecting with Ascension Angels

A new online event that I was guided to create for the current energy shift.

Welcome to Connecting with Ascension Angels, the next step after taking an Integrated Energy Therapy and/or Healing Angels of the Energy Field class.

I have been an IET Master Instructor since 2011 and love sharing how to connect to angelic energies for transformation.

I received angelic guidance to create this class to help you create more angelic connections as we progress deeper into the ascension energies. The Ascension Angels class is not part of the IET curriculum. However, knowledge from any IET class or the IET Healing Angels class is a pre-requisite for this class due to the nature of working with these ascension angels.

You will learn:

  • about the 8 ascension angels,
  • about the primary energy of each ascension angel to guide you through the energy shift,
  • how to meditate, connect with and receive messages from the 8 ascension angels, and
  • about crystals & essential oils that aid in connecting with each angel

Class pre-requisite:

Any Integrated Energy Therapy class (Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced IET) OR the IET Healing Angels of the Energy Field class. If you did not take any of these pre-requisite classes from me, please email me first and include your class completion certificate before registering for this class.

Your class materials:

U.S. addresses = You will be mailed a full-color printed workbook and a certificate of attendance. Must register at least 10 days before the class for the printed workbook. Within 10 days of the class you will receive a digital workbook.

International students = You will will receive a digital workbook and certificate of attendance via e-mail.

Class Dates:

May 21 & 22, 2024 = 6:00pm to 9:00pm/Eastern

Class Fee:

$159 = Register here

Registration deadline:

You must register by May 12 in order for your workbook to be mailed. Registrations received after May 12 will receive the digital workbook. Registration closes on May 20.