Course Memberships

Welcome to Manifested Harmony Courses and books. 

Join The Sacred Shift

Welcome to The Sacred Shift!!!! I’m so very happy that you will join me and The Sacred Shift community on this amazing path we will walk together through the changing energies and reach our highest potential. This membership is more personalized to help you shift more rapidly.


Watch The Oily Crystal Master Class

Welcome to The Oily Crystal Master Class!!!! If you love crystals and essential oils and are ready to demystify the benefits created with essential oils and crystal, this is your master class. Work through the 4 on-demand classes and 70 page workbook at your pace. It’s time to take your knowledge to the next level!

Watch Body System Wellness Series

Welcome to the Body System Wellness Series! This 12-part series will give you the causes for imbalance in the system, lifestyle recommendations, essential oils, supplements, and crystals to help maintain balance and feel your best.

Watch The Year of Well-Being

Welcome to The Year of Well-Being Series! This 12-part series will focus on infusing more well-being into a specific area of life. Learn lifestyle techniques, essential oils and crystals for greater well-being in all layers of your beautiful life!