Advanced Crystal Healing Class


Class pre-requisite:

Basic Crystal Healing OR Crystal Healing for Animals. If you took the Animal class before 2020, please contact me to make sure your class qualifies for the Advanced class.

In this 18 hour training you will learn:

  • Crystal systems and formations;
  • Master crystals;
  • Identifying fake and altered crystals;
  • The connection between Crystals, Earth and the human body;
  • Advanced sacred space and sacred geometry;
  • Crystals for the Energy Shift;
  • The energy shift and light workers;
  • Advanced chakra layouts;
  • Advanced crystal grids;
  • Advanced crystal tools;
  • Business and Ethics of Crystal Mining;
  • And so much more!

Your class materials:

You will receive 3 advanced personal crystals to work with during class, a 130+ page workbook, and a jeweler’s loupe.

Class Location:

Online or in Lansing, MI.

Class length:

The in-person class is from 9:00am – 6:00pm over two days. The online class is Fridays (1:00 – 5:30pm/ET) and Saturdays (9am – 1:30pm/ET).

Registration deadline:

You must register ten (10) days before the class in order for materials to be sent to you.


“I just completed this online course with Allie (in December 2020). This course exceeded all my expectations. The vast array of topics, the knowledge Allie shared, the pictures, suggestions, and advice were all amazing. The online class ran so smoothly, it was a though we were in the room with Allie and the other participants. Allie shares her wealth of knowledge so freely and always has time to answer questions. Allie’s style of teaching and detailed workbook allows the information she shares to be easily understood. I would highly recommend these courses, she is a true inspiration.” – Lyn (Australia)

“Life changing and mind blowing! As they say – when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Allie is an amazing educator and communicator. With any energy work, one needs to be able to speak to both worlds – those who want the etherial speak, those who dig the science, and those who love both. I highly recommend this class to broaden your horizons.” – Leslie (Essex Junction, Vermont)

I have taken other crystal classes but they do not compare to this. I love that I can ask questions when they are fresh on my mind. Allie is very thorough and knowledgeable and I love her ethics about crystals.” – Patty (Grand Ledge, MI)

“Allie brought so much incredible information to us, in an understandable and straightforward manner. She has an incredible amount of information packed into each of her classes, yet it is very organized and easy to comprehend. From taking her classes I am more comfortable using crystals in my veterinary practice and knowing that I would be helping my patients with more tools to help in healing and balancing the body.” – Dr. Barbara Fox DVM (Fayette, IA)

“I would highly recommend Advanced Crystal Healing to anyone who would like to unlock the full power and potential of crystals and their purpose in our world. Allie has clearly put her heart and soul into this course. She is engaging, fun, passionate and a very good teacher!” – Sameera (Singapore)

“Some of the Advanced crystals discussed in class can be “fakes” and Allie is very in depth about how to spot fake crystals and how to know the true crystals.” – Angela (Ontario, Canada)

“The Advanced class really clarified how to utilize crystals to access their assistance in this troubling time.” – Colleen (Grand Rapids, MI)

“My mind is blown with all of the information I learned from this class. The master crystals were truly an eye-opening experience. I loved starting with the science and continuing to build on that information. I absolutely loved this class!” – Erin (Lansing, MI)

“I loved the science behind the crystals and appreciated being able to ask questions. This will be very helpful information to have when communicating with others about crystals.” – Kai (Columbia, SC)

“Allie provides a well-rounded course that is packed full of juicy information that is both scientific and enjoyable. I truly enjoyed learning from her and her encouragement to grow and build from this point on.” – Aletha (Lincoln, IL)

“Allie is an awesome teacher. The information presented was easy to understand. It was beneficial to be able to hold the crystals we discussed.” – Lorri (Lansing, MI)

“Working & learning with Allie was a beautiful experience. She trained us in scientific and energetic use of crystals to use as tools for healing and spiritual growth. It was an amazing experience of education and fun! – Susie (Iowa City, IA)

“Allie’s classes are eye opening, both physical and metaphysical. I feel much more open and closer to the 5th dimension with possibilities of even higher dimensions.” – Nancy (Lewistown, IL)

“I have a newly found appreciation of crystals. I now understand the connection between people, Earth, crystals, minerals, sacred geometry and our ascension from 3rd to 5th dimensions.” – Kathe (Sheridan, IL)

“Many crystal classes cover all the same stuff. Allie’s class covered a lot of materials I didn’t know. It was interesting and accessible to those of us without scientific background. This opened up a lot for me!” — Gina (Springfield, VA)

“Puts everything together and provides a better understanding of the ‘why’.” — LeeAnn (Dewitt, MI)

“Fantastic course! Highly recommend Allie’s classes for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge or is interested in a healing profession.” — Jennifer (Lorton, VA)

“I am so thankful I got the opportunity to learn with such a great teacher!” — Kate (Williamston, MI)

“This two-day deep dive provided an incredible wealth of information. Perfect combination of science and metaphysical learning.” — Julie (Alexandria, VA)