Basic Crystal Healing: Science, Art & Grids

In this one-day training you will learn:

  • the history, science and art of how crystals work and provide healing;
  • different belief systems about crystals;
  • how to care for and properly use crystals;
  • how crystals balance chakras;
  • how crystals in your home can soothe the energy;
  • how sacred geometry and crystal grids work to send energy;
  • how to create body grids and layouts specific to healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms (including my favorite grid and layout recipes);
  • the energy range of crystals;
  • how to make crystal elixirs and how they work;
  • how to receive messages from crystals;
  • meditating with and learning about 10 foundational healing crystals; and more!

Class pre-requisite:


Post-class opportunities:

You will be eligible to join the Advanced Crystal Healing class upon completion of this course.

You will be invited to my private crystal membership group, The Crystal Cluster.

You will have the opportunity to complete the requirements to become a Certified Crystal Healer.

Your class materials:

You will be provided 16 healing crystals, a 50+ page training handbook and a certificate. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how and why crystals work, be able to explain to others how crystals work, and immediately be able to use them individually or in grids.

Class length:

Class is from 9:00am – 6:00pm (in-person) or 9:30am – 6:00pm/eastern (online).

Registration deadline:

You must register ten (10) days before the class in order for your crystals to be purchased and workbook prepared.

Enroll in Basic Crystal Healing:

November 5, 2021 in-person in Lansing, MI

Class fee $205 (click to enroll)

November 5, 2021 – Online

Class fee $220 (click to enroll)

Basic & Advanced Class Bundle

In-person class fee $625 (click to enroll)

Online class fee $655 (click to enroll)


“The online class is very interactive and I loved the different experiments we did with the crystals. I enjoyed the way Allie teaches and shares her knowledge.” – Emilie (Singapore)

“I recently took the online class and was absolutely floored at the wealth of information. This is no doubt the class that will change my life as to how I see crystals and what they can do.” – Wendy (Gainesville, VA)

“Allie is a wonderful instructor! She is able to explain information in a way that is easy to understand. Not all teachers are able to do this effectively. Her book [The Oily Crystal] changed the products I offer in my own business. Thank you Allie for sharing your knowledge with others and helping us to use crystals in a safe non-toxic way.” – Rebecca (owner, Silver Orange Boutique – Ypsilanti, MI)

“I loved the mix of theory and practical techniques and have since incorporated much of what I learned into my daily life.” – Cat (Bath, MI)

“This is an in-depth course on everything you need to know about crystals, whether you just bought your first or learning to see more knowledge. You won’t be left empty minded with the help of Allie’s wisdom and grace on mother nature!” – Gurjinder (Jersey City, NJ)

“I was more than impressed with the knowledge and practical application for using crystals in my everyday life to heal my family. Allie has a wealth of information and tips that she shares and her teaching style draws you in and makes the lessons as lot of fun.” – Lyn (Australia)

“The whole online class was really engaging from start to finish. I love learning about the science of crystals and how we can incorporate in our daily living. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so much passion” – Sameera (Singapore)

“Allie is a very knowledgeable teacher. The way she explained the different theories of belief about crystals were well researched and made it clear to understand. It cleared up a lot of false information I had read in other locations.” – Carla (New Orleans, LA)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class with Allie. One might expect a class of this topic to be too woo-woo or fluffy. But Allie helped us understand crystals, their nature, properties and function i such a science-based way. That helped to quiet my logical left brain and allow my right brain and intuition to connect and enjoy the crystals. I highly recommend this class!” – Kai (Singapore)

Allie presented the science and spiritual aspects in an easy way. Her energy is so engaging and it’s easy to pay attention and learn. Beautiful hands-on meditation experience, too.” – Jen (Ottawa, IL)

“Wow! Nicely paired [science & art], informative, interactive class. I wish I took this class before I started buying crystals.” – Lisa (Lansing, MI)

“Anyone who is considering learning about crystals whether for personal knowledge or to start on your journey of being a crystal healing, this is definitely for you! Allie has amazing enthusiasm and very gifted at presenting information.” — Amy (Ottawa, IL)

“Allie is so welcoming. The group was so excited to learn. I feel on fire with love for crystals and healing. I cannot wait to come to the next class.” — Tanabeth (Stanton, MI)

“Allie was so enthusiastic and conveyed the material beautifully. She was able to provide great supplemental information that as energetic practitioners were very helpful. Truly loved it! Thank you for coming to us.” — Kate (Ottawa, IL)

“Allie is so easy to learn from. Very easy to listen to. Love her class!” — Danna (Ottawa, IL)

“I came in traveling a long distance and didn’t feel well. By the end of class I felt so energized and cleared – so much healing for a one day class.” — Lauren (Ottawa, IL)

“I came into the class hoping to become a believer, but still having some skepticism. After doing the chakra rebalancing with the crystals, I am a believer! The difference in how I felt is so tangible.” – Brady (Lansing, MI)

“This was an amazing day of learning. Allie is a knowledgeable, caring teacher who works to further all students in her class. This was inspiring and has sparked my desire to continue on a path of well-being, health & healing for myself and my family. Excellent class, I would recommend the class and Allie to all.” – Kai (Cedar Springs, MI)

“Allie is a wonderful teacher! She is knowledgeable, friendly, warm and just overall an excellent leader and person. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and imparts it freely and makes anyone feel comfortable.” — Heather (Arlington, VA)