Crystal Healing for Animals

In this 8 hour training you will learn:

  • how to safely incorporate healing crystals with animals;
  • the history, science and art of how crystals work and provide healing;
  • how to care for and properly use crystals;
  • how crystals can balance the energy field of animals;
  • the animal chakra system and how crystals balance chakras;
  • how crystals in your home can soothe the energy;
  • how to safely and properly use crystals with animals (cats, dogs, wildlife, horses, livestock, strays, pocket pets, fish, and shelter animals);
  • how sacred geometry and crystal grids work to send energy to animals near or far;
  • how to create body grids for animals;
  • how to safely use crystal elixirs (including a fun hands-on elixir creating experience);
  • how to help abused, neglected and homeless shelter animals;
  • how to incorporate crystals into a veterinary or shelter environment;
  • detailed information on 6 important healing crystals for animals; and
  • The best part of class … working on my cats!

Class pre-requisite:


Post-class opportunities:

You will be eligible to join the Advanced Crystal Healing class upon completion of this course.

You will be invited to my private crystal membership group, The Crystal Cluster.

You will have the opportunity to complete the requirements to become a Certified Animal Crystal Healer and the Advanced Crystal Healer.

Your class materials:

For U.S. students, you will receive 16 healing crystals, a 50+ page training handbook and a certificate. International students will receive a 50+ page training handbook and a certificate.

You will walk away with a solid understanding of how and why crystals work, be able to explain to others how crystals work, how to safely and effectively offer crystals to animals, and immediately be able to offer them to your pet(s).

Class Location:

Online or in Lansing, MI.

Class length:

Class is from 9:00am – 6:00pm/Eastern

Registration deadline:

Ten (10) days before the class.

Special Offer:

If you work or volunteer with animals, use the Professional Discount link to receive 25% off of this class! This is my thank you for all of the great work that you do to help animals. 


“Thank you Allie for creating this introduction to crystals and animal healing! The information was presented in a clear, concise manner and I feel confident in using the crystals with my animal patients. I had no idea that crystals contained such a powerful healing energy and I will definitely be using them a regular basis with my own animals but in my consulting work and hands-on assessments.” – Dr. Barbara Fox DVM (Fayette, IA)

“It’s a truly wonderful opportunity to be able to attend your class. I learned so much and despite the huge time difference, you made it very interactive and easy to follow. I am now equipped with new knowledge under my wings, to be able to assist Charles and other furr babies that shall need help. Thank you, thank you, Allie.” – Caroline (Jakarta, Indonesia)

“Crystal Healing for Animals [online] is a truly beneficial class for anyone who works with animals or has a pet in their life.” – Cristi (animal communicator/healer – Lakewood, CO)

“The online course is amazing! Allie shares her wealth of knowledge so freely, giving the perfect balance of theory and practical application. I love how Allie constantly asks if we have questions and provides us with the correct ways to use crystals for our pet’s individual needs. I’ve come away from this course confident to start using crystals on my dog immediately, and I’m excited to see the results. I absolutely loved the course and I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in caring for and supporting all animals.” – Lyn (Queensland, Australia)

“I learned so much! I really appreciated the education on toxicity and things that should be done and not be done with animals. You gave me all the information I need to feel confident that I can use crystals in my animal healing sessions.” – Missy (Independence, Ohio)

“This class is fantastic! Allie presents the information is an easy to understand way, with lots of examples and personal use stories. At the end of the class I felt empowered to look at crystals in a new way and confident to get started using them for the benefit of not only my animals but myself as well.” – Elissa (Tucson, AZ)

“Great course! Allie provided a wealth of knowledge to enhance the crystal journey for myself and the animals. Allie’s passion for animals, crystals, the course content & unique presentation style held my attention online throughout the course no matter the time difference.”  Michelle (Victoria, Australia)

“I definitely recommend this class. It has given me confidence to use crystals on and around my dog without worry of doing something wrong. When Allie was discussing specific crystals I would pet my dog with that crystal and I could almost feel the change in her, and the way she relaxed. Then when we did the chakra balancing body grid, WOW, she just laid there. It was amazing for me to see the releases she experienced and to lay so quiet and still.” – Cindy (St. Louis, MO)

“What I learned in one day [in the Crystal Healing for Animals online class] surpasses what it would take for me to self teach with books, videos, etc. I highly recommend it for anyone with animals in their life.” – Shannon (Macomb, MI)

“There was not a slow moment in this online class. I learned so much! From how the crystals can change the taste of water, to cleansing crystals, to how crystal are made. The class gave me everything I wanted to add to my toolbox of working with animals.” – Brandy (Goldendale, WA)

“Allie’s classes are the most thorough classes I have taken. She covers not only the metaphysical aspect, but also the science behind it.” – Patty (Grand Ledge, MI)

“Crystal healing with animals is different from crystal healing with people and good information is hard to find. We are so lucky to have Allie teach this class!” — Gina (Springfield, Virginia)

“Online Crystal Healing for Animals with Allie was amazing. She takes her years of experience and is able to boil it down into a fun, interaction and informative class. You can tell when she is teaching how passionate she is about the subject.” – Melanie (veterinarian in Avoca, WI)

“I had no idea that crystals contained such a powerful healing energy and I will definitely be using them on a regular basis with my animals and in my consulting work and hands-on assessments.” – Barbara (veterinarian in Fayette, IA)

“Allie is an excellent teacher with a wealth of information. Her extensive experience with rescued animals as well as her own pets makes her the perfect candidate to impart the valuable knowledge. I love this class!” – Leslie (Singapore)

“I learned so much! I love the crystals you sent me, it got me excited for the online class. I like the workbook and will use it often. This class gave me all the information I need to feel confident in using crystals with animals.” – Melissa (Independence, OH)

“I love the specific crystal layouts for conditions an animal may be dealing with to help support them in a gentle, safe and loving manner.” – Aimee

“Loved the whole class! Don’t think you could have fit anymore in … learned a lot. It was definitely work the drive!” – Jackie (Waterford, New Jersey)

“Love how Allie made the class personal by walking us through what we could do (grids) for our own pets – we can home and implement grids right away. Great class!” – Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)

“I strongly recommend this class! Comprehensive information on crystals and their appropriate use in healing/supporting animals. My cat gives this class 4 paws up! – Carissa (Toledo, OH)

“This is the 4th class on crystals thatI have taken with Allie. She is an encyclopedia of information which is presented in a warm and enthusiastic manner. Although the class was online, there was plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience. The interaction between Allie and all of the participants with one another was lots of fun as well.” – Nancy 

“This class was both great fun and hugely informative. I had zero experience with crystals and animals, so it was amazing to see a response to quickly from my cats. They let me know right away if they wanted to participate or not.” – Jhaden (Grand Rapids, MI)