Expand Your Love of Crystals

Learn how crystals really work

Do you have crystals and you’re not sure how to work with them?

Maybe you forgot the name of them?

Or you bought them and forgot about them?

This is what I know – If you are drawn to crystals, you are meant to work with them.

In all of my classes you will learn the logical science to understand the metaphysics of how crystals really work with the human and animal body and energy field. This education will open your appreciation of the crystals you’ve already bought and you will become a confident smart crystal buyer!

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Rare Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz with Green Chlorite

Looking to Buy Crystals?

Are you concerned about inadvertently buying fake crystals and want to buy from a reputable source?

Many people have the same concern, which is why I have a private crystal store that I personally stock with hand-selected crystals that are unique and often rare. These are crystals that you will NOT find in most crystal stores.


Buying from my private store is different.

My crystal selection process is strict and I make sure that I stock the best specimens that are genuine.

I go to numerous crystal shows, speak with the miners and dealers, gather the back-story of each crystal, buy in small lots, make sure that all crystals are authentically from Earth, not altered or lab-created, and always search for advanced and master traits (which I teach about in my Advanced class).

With each purchase I include written descriptions about each crystal, carefully hand-pack them for shipping, always include a FREE thank you crystal, and send them off in a beautiful pink box!!!

Who has access to buy?

I open the store publicly one day each month on my Facebook page with specially selected crystals. Anyone can buy from these events (US addresses only unless specific arrangements are made with me prior to a sale).

The store is always open to my Crystal Cluster graduate membership community. This community gains access to rare & unique crystals that are not sold publicly and can also send specific requests when I work with my crystal suppliers. Enrolling in one of my full-day crystal classes unlocks the option to join this community.

Public Crystal Sale Dates

I invite you to check out these upcoming public crystal sales on the Manifested Harmony Facebook page (any date changes will be reflected on the Facebook page Events tab):

  • Sunday June 9, 2024
  • Sunday July 14
  • Sunday August 11

The Crystal Cluster for my students

When you enroll in my Basic Crystal or Crystal Healing for Animals class, you will be invited to join The Crystal Cluster! This exclusive group offers continuing crystal education through a monthly virtual meet-up, guest speakers, 1st access to crystals arriving in my private crystal store, and connecting with a community of crystal enthusiasts!

About 90% of the crystals that come into my private crystal store are purchased through this community and never make it to a public sale.

Curious about Blending Essential Oils & Crystals?

I am the creator of The Oily Crystal™ because I see too many well-intentioned essential oil enthusiasts recommending blending, yet they do not have the training about crystals to understand some of the hidden dangers.

In my book & classes I will help you easily understand how to safely blend & pair essential oils and crystals for a powerful vibrational frequency wellness tool.