Energy of Remembering

For those of us in the United States, September 11th is a day that is burned in our memories forever. Today is the 10th anniversary of the most horrific terror attack on U.S. soil. For me now living in the Washington DC area, I felt the change in energy all week as today approached; an energy that is pensive, fearful, and filled with sorrow. For an area that is filled with military and federal government employees who likely knew someone who perished on that fateful day, and have perished in the multiple wars since, it is difficult to escape the energy that pervades this area, especially today.

And for those of you living outside the terror attack zones of DC and New York City, you cannot escape the message of today because the television is filled with news reports of current credible terror threats and remembrances of the day. It fills your energy and is difficult to escape. Even though I avoid watching news reports because of the negativity that pervades our subconscious, I awoke very early this morning from a dream that showed the collective energy was having an impact. In the dream I was standing in my neighborhood and watching three commercial airliners in the sky fly side by side, very closely and in a hostile manner, and then engage in a game of chicken in the air until they all came crashing down. In my dream, I was in the path of the fiery debris that seemed to tumble across the ground towards me for miles. I felt helpless because there was nowhere to run. I woke up and knew that I needed to write about the energy of remembering the events of 10 years ago.=

According to the Law of Attraction, we give energy to where we place our attention. What we focus on is energized and the Universe will send people and events to us to match our energy. And when a society or collective group of people focus on the same thing, it gives the focus even more energy.

So how can we best remember this anniversary, honor those that were lost, and avoid sending energy out to attract more destruction? We need to send love. Send loving thoughts and energy to those that perished 10 years ago and to their families, send love to Ground Zero and the heros who risked their lives to save others that day, and surround our country in a love blanket to protect us from anyone who wishes to cause mass harm to their fellow mankind. If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter movies, sending love is like producing a Patronus. When Harry first learned how to produce a Patronus, an animal totem energy shield that protected him and others from the dark and evil Dementors, he was instructed to conjure up the happiest memory, a loving memory, in order to produce the Patronus. Today, we all need to conjure our Patronus.

So for today and days to come, if we send fear and remember today in fear, we will send a powerful and collective mass of fear into the world that could result in attracting something we do not want. Instead, let’s create our own Patronus and remember today by sending love out into the world.


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