Energy Sessions

In-person sessions are in Lansing, MI (temporarily on-hold)

Remote sessions are also available.

The first step is to assess your wellness goals and intentions for the session. All sessions incorporate a variety of techniques for an energy infusion and maximizing benefits, such as Integrated Energy Therapy, Usui Reiki, crystals, therapeutic-grade essential oils, or sound healing. Most clients notice immediate calmness during and after a session. For chronic physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues, consistent sessions (once or twice a month) will provide greater harmony and well-being.

Energy therapy treatments are available for people and pets and can be done in person or through remote sessions. For in-person sessions you will lay on a healing table (or can be seated) are fully-clothed while energy is transmitted in a light hands-on method or through the placement of crystals on the body.

Remote treatments can be scheduled regardless of your location. You (or your pet) simply need to be in a quiet location to receive the energy. You will receive written notes from the session to help understand the blocks released and recommendations going forward.

Newly added: Emotional Release Session. If you seeking to release emotions that no longer serve you, you may schedule a session that includes one of the methods listed above plus an Emotional Release Session using therapeutic-grade essential oils.

For your first appointment: Please schedule a 75-minute session so that a thorough one-time background can be taken. For pets, please schedule a 60-minute session so that I can gather background information and establish rapport with your pet before beginning the session.

Energy Therapy Session Fees

  • In-person sessions for people (temporarily on hold)
    • 60 minute session = $125
    • 75 minute session = $150
    • 90 minute session = $175
  • Remote sessions for people or pets
    • 30 minute session = $75
    • 60 minute session = $111
  • In-person Emotional Release Session (essential oil technique with IET and crystals) – temporarily on hold
    • 60 minute session = $135
    • 75 minute session = $160
    • 90 minute session = $185
  • Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 24-hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. Otherwise, you may incur a cancellation fee of 30% of your session fee.

Energy Therapy Session Payment
Payment for sessions are to be made in advance. Once payment is received, I can book your session and get started on our important healing work together!