Enjoy the Journey

Most people have goals and desires that they want to achieve in their lifetime, or this year, or even this week. These goals, when driven by passion, drive us to achieve them. And when the goal is reached, the joy of arrival is often short-lived because then a new desire is born and we start pursuing that. Does this sound familiar?

When deliberately working with the Law of Attraction, we are taught to create our intentions and consciously use our thoughts, feelings and actions to act as if it has already arrived. We are taught to keep our eye on the prize. And that certainly is true and necessary. However, a key component to the Law of Attraction is maintaining high vibrational energy from the creation of the intention through to the manifestation.  It is this journey that we are seeking in our manifestation.

You might be saying what????? Let me break it down … life is a journey, not an event. I think we all can agree on that. Each time we create a goal and meet that goal, it is quickly (and often immediately) replaced with another higher goal, and then another, and then another. Humans are never satisfied because once we achieve something, we want something better. It’s called growth. And if we’re not growing, we’re dying.

In the Law of Attraction, it is often reaching or maintaining a high emotional vibration that takes us off track and stops us from manifesting our goal. We second-guess and let fear intrude. Yet we know that if we cannot act as if what we want has already arrived (through the use of our feelings, thoughts, and actions), then we will not manifest our goal. We must have the feelings in place before the thing can ever arrive. And when it arrives, we feel fantastic, right? In fact, it is the feeling of what the thing does for us that we really crave. When we feel exhilarated about something to come, that is the real manifestation. And when we feel that, the tangible thing must arrive. As so bluntly stated by Abraham through Esther Hicks, The unfolding of the events to get us to good feelings and staying there in good feeling IS THE emotional manifestation to bring in the thing that we desire. And in that process, we must be diligent to not kill this emotional vibration with negative thoughts.

In simple terms, emotions before the physical manifestation. You must feel, not think, your manifestations into reality. Which means … enjoy the journey and you will reach the end result faster! After all, if we wait to enjoy good feelings until the arrival of our goal, we will not have a pleasant journey, and we will likely not receive what we want. So enjoy the day-to-day, step-by-step journey!

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