Why are essential oils for pets so controversial?

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When I decided to specialize in essential oils for pets I KNEW that I would be swimming in a hornets nest. I have no problem with that because the foundation of my business is helping animals (and the people who have animals), especially abused, neglected and shelter pets. And that means being innovative and changing the paradigm of how we help our animal companions. I made that decision over 10 years ago and this topic is still a hornets nest.

Why is this so controversial? I have a few theories.

1 – There are essential oil brands on the market that are SO adulterated with chemicals (from the growing and distillation process) that they are unsafe for animals (and honestly for us, too). So the blanket response is to not use oils with pets.

2 – There are essential oil brands that distill the oils improperly to not allow for ALL of the constituents to be released which is what balances the oil for safe use with animals (even the controversial oils). Most people don’t know that.

3 – There are essential oil brands that never ever mention usage with animals (on their website or bottles) yet people think they can be used with pets. When their pet is then harmed they blast it all over social media perpetuating the MYTH that essential oils cannot be used with animals. This spreads fear.

4 – There are animal care professionals and organizations who are untrained in essential oils yet have a platform where they pronounce that ALL essential oils are harmful for pets. I would rather have people be safe than sorry with their pets, but this is ill-informed misinformation that continues to be spread.

5 – There are essential oil studies that people cite that proclaim that certain essential oils are unsafe for animals yet they do not disclose the brand that was tested. My cats ingest citrus essential oils everyday (gasp!) and I diffuse citrus oils all day long. Their lab tests show that they are healthy and thriving.

I could go on and on and on …..

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Here’s what I know from 10+ years of intensive studying AND usage of essential oils with pets …

…. it absolutely comes down to the safety of the brand. When I only teach about using pet-safe oils, I only mention Young Living. Some people think it’s a sales ploy.

You know what? IT IS! I only want people buying pet-safe esssential oils AND learning from people like me who are trained and skilled in how to use them.

As an attorney who specialized in animal protection cases, I look to what a company says about their products. If an essential oil company has ZERO information on their website about animals, they are telling you by omission to not use the oils on or around your pets. That includes diffusing.

Young Living has information on their website about essential oils for pets, they have a pet-specific essential oil line called Animal Scents, and they host educational events on oils for pets.

Thank you for reading this far (you get a gold star for that!).

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If you are interested in this topic, here are 5 things for you to know:

First – I have a 6-part reel series on my Instagram and Facebook pages (starting July 29, 2023) and TikTok pages (starting Aug 6, 2023) that are about the Animal Scents products. If you check them out, would you please leave a comment of what you think of them?

Second – There is an Integrative Animal Wellness conference being held Sept 14-16, 2023 in Highland Flats, Idaho at one of the Young Living farms. There are 21 presenters (I am one of them) and the topics are not just about essential oils. I will be speaking about how frequencies impact animals and can create mystery physical and behavioral issues. Click here to check it out and register.

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Fourth – If you love essential oils but have been worried about using them with your pets, get my custom Animal Scents kit or my custom Pet Premium Bundle. With your purchase I will send you a FREE copy of The Oily Pet book and add you to our private education pages where we talk about animal wellness.

Fifth – Interested in other animal wellness classes? Registration is now open for my Crystal Healing for Animals online class coming up Saturday October 7, 2023! You will love the science and the practical tips specific to animals!

Be well, Allie

Woo woo, says who?  As a Chief Master Catalyst blending 7 health & energy certifications with my lawyer brain, my passion is helping people understand the science and logic behind crystals, energy healing, essential oils, Universal Laws and more. Once you logically understand how they work, you will understand the metaphysical and spiritual benefits and have your ah-ha moment. I am the author of The Oily Pet and The Oily Crystal and creator of The Oily Crystal Master Class and The Crystal Cluster. As a former prosecuting attorney & animal protection expert, I love helping people understand their animal companions at a deeper level, while helping abused, neglected & shelter pets heal. For those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.

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