Essential Oils

Why use essential oils?

Essential oils are amazing plant-based compounds that you can use for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

Why Young Living?

I switched exclusively to Young Living Essential Oils in February 2013 after 15+ years of other brands that literally did nothing for my wellness. I switched because I needed essential oils that would be safe with my pets, pet clients and shelter animals I work with.

And then I learned that not all essential oils are made the some.

The purity of Young Living is more than a label, it’s the foundation of every product in the company. When you surround your life with healthy plant-based products full of essential oils and none of the chemicals found in other products, you will notice positive shifts in your health and wellness. It happened for me and I can help you find that shift.

You will naturally share your experiences with Young Living with those around you and I love that Young Living pays us for this word-of-mouth marketing.

Why work with me?

Young Living makes sure that every customer has a support person as their enroller. When you place your first order, if you select me as your enroller, here’s what you get:

  • Use SHAREYL at checkout for my friends & family 10% off your first order!
  • Free private education through in-person events, online classes, and on a private Facebook page
  • I have 7 different energy & wellness certifications, including Certified Health Coach, so I offer deeply researched education to help you have quick results
  • I specialize in essential oils for pets, adrenal/endocrine fatigue, blending oils with crystals, and non-toxic lifestyles to regain your health.
  • I have been invited to numerous essential oils conferences to speak about my niche in essential oils, including speaking on the Young Living corporate stage 4 times.
  • One-on-one support to guide you to the products that will help you the most and answering your questions

Check out my recommendations for getting started!

Next Steps – Check out these classes

Safe Essential Oils for Pets

I specialize in helping people learn safe ways to use essential oils with pets, especially cats! Check out classes and videos to help you learn more.

Understanding the Benefits of Essential Oils

If you have noticed the growing attention to essential oils but don’t understand how they work or how quality is important, watch my Introductory class to get started.


Essential Oils for Emotional Balance

Are you struggling emotionally with events in your personal life, events happening in our world, or the ongoing chronic stress, fear and anger that surrounds us each day?

Curious about Blending Essential Oils & Crystals?

I am the creator of The Oily Crystal™ because I see too many well-intentioned essential oil enthusiasts recommending blending, yet they do not have the training to understand some of the hidden dangers.

In my book & classes I will help you easily understand how to safely blend & pair essential oils and crystals for a powerful vibrational frequency wellness tool.