Essential Oil Education

If you are in my Young Living (Purrmaste Oils) team, these classes are FREE for you. Access is on our team Facebook page and in your 1st of the month newsletter.

If you are unable to attend the live class you will receive a link to the private recording.

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December classes

Sunday December 6 at 4pm/eastern = Holiday DIY Gifts: Join me for an interactive Zoom where I’ll walk you thru some of my favorite DIYs for gift giving this holiday season. Register early and I’ll send you a list of items to have on hand if you want to create with me during class. FREE – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

November classes

Wednesday November 4 at 7pm/eastern = Emotional Recovery: We have been through a difficult year. Learn my favorite techniques and essential oils to begin the process of emotional balancing and recovery. This will be interactive so come with questions so that you walk away with what will help you the most.

Tuesday November 17 at 7pm/eastern = Happy Healthy Holiday Pets: The holidays can be stressful for our companion animals due to our busy and stressful schedules. This class will focus on what you can do to proactively have a happy healthy holiday pet, including beneficial pet-safe essential oils. FREE – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Allie’s November Online Classes

October classes

Monday October 5 at 7pm/eastern = Wellness for Fall: Fall is the best time to ramp up your wellness regimen before winter arrives. Learn lifestyle and mindset techniques, along with essential oils and crystals to help you thrive this Fall season!

Tuesday October 20 at 7pm/eastern = Emotional Raindrop Technique: Learn about the essential oils that I use as an Emotional Raindrop  Technique, the energetic aspects to each oil, and the technique.

Allie’s October Online Classes

September classes

Essential Oil-Infused CBD: Learn how CBD really works, the difference between the types of CBD, how CBD works when infused with essential oils, and the benefits it can offer.

Toxin-Free Health Home: Learn all of the ways that you can create a toxin-free healthy home for your entire family. Click here for the free recording.

Workplace & Home Office Wellness: Learn what you can do in your workspace to maximize your focus, memory, creativity, productivity while supporting your physical, emotional and mental wellness for the best balance.

Understanding Carrier Oils with Michelle Venable Brown, Esthetician: Click here for the free recording

Allie’s September Online Classes

August classes (access the recordings)

Oily Crystal DIY: No recording was made of this DIY as it was an interactive session.

Techniques to Raise Your Vibration: Learn about the Energy Shift lifestyle techniques, crystals and essential oils that will help you raise your vibe and feel better!

Allie’s August Online Classes

July classes (access the recordings)

Planetary Retrogrades & Essential Oils for Support: Learn what is happening and what essential oils can help during this time.

How to Help Our Stressed Pets: Learn the various ways our pets are experiencing stress and how it is showing in their body and behavior.

Allie’s July Online Classes

June classes (access the recordings)

Emotional Wellness during Difficult Times: Lifestyle and essential oil techniques to stay emotionally well during this difficult time.

Thriving thru Summer: Learn about safe non-toxic sunscreen, insect repellant, after-sun skincare, essential oils for travel, road trips, and camping.

Allie’s June Online Classes

May classes (access the recordings)

The Oily Pet: Understanding how earth & human energy impacts your pet and essential oils to help with balance – Click here for the free recording

Happy Hormones, Happy You: Lifestyle techniques and essential oils for wellness

The Oily Crystal: Understanding how to safely blend crystals and essential oils for a powerful wellness tool

Allie’s May Online Classes

April classes (access the recordings)

Support your Immune System: Lifestyle Techniques & Essential Oils

Support  your Respiratory System: Lifestyle Techniques & Essential Oils

Cabin Fever essential oils: Understanding the frequency of oils and how they really work

Allie’s April Online Classes