Essential Oil Education

If you are in my Young Living (Purrmaste Oils) team, these classes are FREE for you. Access is on our team Facebook page and in your 1st of the month newsletter.

If you are unable to attend the live class you will receive a link to the private recording.

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July classes

Thursday July 2nd at 7pm/eastern = Planetary Retrogrades & Essential Oils for Support: The 2020 Retrograde season is very powerful and is working in tandem to create change. Learn what is happening and what essential oils can help during this time.

Monday July 20th at 7pm/eastern = How to Help Our Stressed Pets: Our pets love us, but being home all the time and then going back to work can really stress them out. I’ll share how our pets respond to our energy and the energy in our world, how some pets are engaging in more fighting, vomiting without medical reason, and experiencing greater anxiety. I’ll share techniques and essential oils that can help them adapt during this stressful time. $5 per attendee will be donated to King Street Cats in Alexandria, VA.

Allie’s July Online Classes

June classes (access the recordings)

Emotional Wellness during Difficult Times: Lifestyle and essential oil techniques to stay emotionally well during this difficult time.

Thriving thru Summer: Learn about safe non-toxic sunscreen, insect repellant, after-sun skincare, essential oils for travel, road trips, and camping so that you thrive thru Summer and stay well!

Allie’s June Online Classes

May classes (access the recordings)

The Oily Pet: Understanding how earth & human energy impacts your pet and essential oils to help with balance – Click here for the free recording

Happy Hormones, Happy You: Lifestyle techniques and essential oils for wellness

The Oily Crystal: Understanding how to safely blend crystals and essential oils for a powerful wellness tool

Allie’s May Online Classes

April classes (access the recordings)

Support your Immune System: Lifestyle Techniques & Essential Oils

Support  your Respiratory System: Lifestyle Techniques & Essential Oils

Cabin Fever essential oils: Understanding the frequency of oils and how they really work

Allie’s April Online Classes