Pet Oils

Step One: Buy The Oily Pet Book

As an animal protection attorney, my passion is educating on how to safely use essential oils with pets, shelter pets and abused/neglected animals.  But most essential oil brands are down-right dangerous for pets.

In my book, The Oily Pet™, I give you the confidence in how to identify pet-safe essential oils and how to safely use them with cats and dogs! You can even teach an Oily Pet class directly from the book!

Step Two: Young Living’s Premium Starter Bundle is loved by pets

If you have a Premium Starter Bundle from Young Living, click here for a helpful chart on how I use those oils with pets. All of them are safe to use with cats. Just make sure you have The Oily Pet book so that you know how to safely use them.

If you do not have an active Young Living account, click here to order my customized Pet Premium Bundle and join my group full of animal care/protection professionals so that you have the support and educational tools needed to help your pets!

Step Three: Learn about Essential Oils for Cats

Check out this blog about Essential Oils for Cats.

Watch this class on Essential Oils for Cats


Step Four: Learn how Essential Oils can Support the emotions of pets and those who work with them

Watch the class on Emotional Support Essential Oils for People & Pets

Watch the class on Essential Oils to Assist and Support Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations

Step Five: Other Short Helpful Videos

5 Ways to safely use essential oils with cats

How to put essential oils on a pet brush

Car essential oil diffusers for car rides (to the veterinary clinic or rescue transport)