Why Young Living?

1. I have worked with many other oil brands in the past but none were safe with pets. Even with the growing popularity of essential oils and many companies attempting to create pure quality essential oils, those brands are still not safe. I was initially drawn to Young Living oils because of their safety with pets. Then I discovered their oil blends and how they can support emotional balance. After working with the oils for a few weeks, I noticed that I felt better and my over wellness has greatly improved. I can only ethically recommend Young Living if you want to use essential oils in your home or with your pets.

2. Young Living 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils are of the highest quality. Many companies attempt to copy Young Living, but none can compare. Young Living sources their oils from their own farms and from co-op farms (which is unique). And Young Living’s Seed to Seal commitment is not just a mission, it’s a core value.

3. For myself, my pets, my family and my clients (both
human and pets), I will only use essential oils that are pure, can be placed directly on the skin, can be ingested, and do not have an expiration date (with proper storage). Young Living meets these criteria.

4. The resources, training and support from Young Living staff and its members is unlike any other company out there. I have a supportive upline (people who signed me up as a member) and I am supportive for those who have joined my team. I have a private Facebook page for my team so that we can ask questions, share stories, continue our education about oils and grow as a business for those who are interested. I also host in-person and online educational events for my team.

5. I had only planned on using the oils for myself, my pets, and my clients. But when I started talking about the results I was seeing, others wanted to try the oils so they signed up. For those who get eerie about network marketing, Young Living is truly different. We don’t sell oils, we share oils and I love that value. Without the ickiness of “selling”, Young Living has become a part of my business … from educational classes, to fun themed parties (like Harry Potter night or movie night), to Make-n-Take events, you can help people learn while having fun. So if you’re interested in side income or leaving your unfulfilling job to help people and pets with Young Living oils, talk to me about how that can happen!

When you’re ready, join my team where you’ll have the support and educational tools needed to help you, your family and/or your pets!