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Learn about Crystals

Interested in diving deeper into the transformational power of crystals while learning the science? Check out my introductory class and then click here to enroll in a class and deepen your knowledge!


Learn about Essential Oils

I teach about essential oils in a REALLY unique way. I blend the practical health aspects with the powerful emotional and spiritual energetics of the oils.

Ready to start your transformational journey with the most powerful essential oils on the market? Click here for my top recommendation on getting started and gain access to my private educational group.

In the meantime, here are some free goodies to help you understand the powerful benefits of essential oils.

As an animal protection attorney, I specialize in how to safely use essential oils with pets. Watch this class to learn more and then grab a copy of The Oily Pet book.


If you wake up tired and go to be wired and/or have autoimmune disorders, I’ve been there. I have been extensively trained in these areas and share my story and what has worked for me!

If you struggle with a healthy immune and respiratory system, check out natural ways that you can feel better.


Learn about Blending Crystals & Essential Oils

Did you know that a majority of crystals are UNSAFE to blend directly in essential oils? As an Advanced Crystal Master Teacher, let me show you how to blend safely. Check out this introductory class. Then grab at copy of The Oily Crystal book and then deepen your knowledge in my Oily Crystal Master Class!