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My meditation location when I thought up this post
My meditation location when I thought up this post

I would venture to say that everyone has a goal that they are working to obtain. And some of us have dozens of goals (okay, that’s me … it may be a little scattered to have so many goals … no judging! 😉 ) . The goal could something simple like going throughout the day happy, without pain, eating the best you can one meal at a time …. or it could be bigger like working towards writing a book, a career change, achieving a certain financial goal, manifesting a vacation, a relationship, a new home, and the list goes on.

I know people who are extremely goal driven (yes, that’s me) and I know people who claim they have no goals (yet what they do everyday is goal driven, even getting out of bed). Whether you feel it, humans are hardwired to have goals. Achieving a goal is something that gives us humans energy, vitality, and a sense of purpose. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and gives us something to focus on and work towards.

But what happens when you have been steadily focused and working towards a goal and it’s still a glimmer far off in the distance? You’ve planned, strategized, worked on it everyday, stayed focused, built vision boards, been positive, acted as if, prayed to the Law of Attraction Gods … and it’s still not arrived. I know because I have a monster goal that still evades me!!!!!! Sometimes I think the Universe has me test out things for everyone else … but that’s okay, I’m up for the challenge. 

It’s easy to get frustrated, disappointed and give up. The unreachable goal can make us work more, push harder, and go for it with even more energy. I’ve learned that is the opposite energy that the situation needs. I’m not saying sit back, do nothing, and eat ice-cream all day. As your personal test subject (I’m happy to serve), what I’ve been doing is the fine art of surrender (and it’s working).

What does it mean to surrender? Everyone talks about it and I’ve always wondered what exactly does that mean? I’m a Leo and very driven, so surrender to me meant giving up. So I looked up the definition and it means to cease resistance. Duh!!! Resistance pushes away what you want! That’s a basic Law of Attraction practice. I know that! But sometimes we forget what we know.

But how do you give up resistance and working towards something without giving up? How do you stay focused on your goal (which gives it energy) but not become a stalker so that you push it away?

Don’t give up the goal … give us the resistance! You’ll be amazed at what happens.

So how did I give up the resistance? I spent more time in meditation and ramped up my tapping (I love Brad Yates’ videos). And then it came to me: surrender is about acceptance of right timing. If you feel that your goal is unreachable, too far away, or questioning whether you’re manifesting correctly, accept that you are exactly where you are and be grateful that you’re there! Chances are that you are closer to your goal this month than you were last month, so celebrate that!

Maybe you need to be just shy of your goal so that you have more time to get other things in place to help you handle reaching the goal? So surrendering is not about doing nothing, it’s still focusing on your goal and getting ready for when it arrives. Pretend like it’s the 9 months before a baby is birthed … plan for the arrival!

When you accept/surrender that the timing is always right, the resistance falls away and you will be amazed at what happens.

Another thing that I did was work with a trio of therapeutic-grade essential oils (you know, the kind of oils that actually do something other than smell good). Check the oil protocol below that I used to support me in surrendering the resistance while drawing in my goal!

Surrender is a calming, soothing blend formulated for individuals who feel a need to be controlling. It helps quiet troubled hearts so that negative emotions can be released. I topically apply over my stomach (our power center in the 3rd chakra).

Acceptance oil blend stimulates the mind with oils specially blended to promote feelings of accepting ourselves and others, regardless of perceived barriers. This blend also helps overcome procrastination and denial. I topically apply this over my heart (our emotional balance center in the 4th chakra).

Release combines uplifting, calming oils that stimulate a sense of peace and emotional well-being, which in turn facilitate the ability to release anger and frustration. I topically apply this to my throat (our communication center in the 5th chakra).

As always, post a comment if you try this and what your results are. I love being your test subject and having you reap the results!

About Allie Phillips:

Me Aug 2014Allie is a unique combination of self-empowerment coach (Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Life Coach), energy therapist (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and Advanced Crystal Master), award-winning book author, attorney and nationally-recognized animal advocate. Whether it’s wanting more freedom, creativity, loving relationships, financial security, wellbeing, relaxation, or adjusting to the energy of our new world … she looks at each person and animal holistically and creates a well-being plan. She holistically combines these methods to help people gain control of their lives and to help animals live with comfort in our hectic world. It worked for her and will work for you! She particularly loves helping our animal companions because for those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.
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