The Gift of Healing

Are you looking for a unique gift for the person who: (a) has everything, (b) has had a rough year, (c) wants 2014 to be much brighter, or (d) all of the above … consider giving a gift of healing from Manifested Harmony!

There are three ways that you can give the give of healing.

First, order a customized Harmony Healing Bag. It is a 3×4 inch organza bag (a variety of colors available), filled with 4 tumbled or natural crystals**, a card description of the crystals, an affirmation card, and infused with Reiki. The bag is perfect for carrying in a pocket, holding during meditation or placing under a pillow at night. It makes a wonderful small gift! Each customized Harmony Healing Bag is $15 plus tax and shipping. In the “note to seller” box, please indicate what energy you wish for the bag to convey (happiness, abundance, relaxation, relief from physical ailment, etc.).

Harmony Healing Bag


Holiday gift certificate - for website

Second, give a gift certificate in any amount for:

  • Energy Therapy sessions (for in-person or remote sessions for people and pets)
  • Law of Attraction mini-coaching
  • Energy Therapy training class
  • Gem Elixirs products

Just click on the payment link below and enter the amount you want to gift. Before finalizing the payment, please designate in the “note” section who the gift certificate is for, what service/product you are purchasing, and whether you want the gift certificate mailed to you or to the recipient (and please provide the address). Please allow 48 hours for processing of your gift certificate.

Buy Gift Certificate

Air SmudgeThird, my gem elixirs make perfect stocking stuffers or small gifts. There are 14 elixirs (for people and pets) listed on my Etsy site. Elixirs are $12.99 (plus shipping) or $19.95 (plus shipping) for elixirs with essential oils.

**Note about crystals: Crystals have an unchanging physical structure and balanced energy, whereas humans have an electromagnetic energy field (EMF) that is influenced by numerous outside sources and becomes imbalanced easily. Our EMF is what creates our physical and emotional structure. When our EMF is imbalanced, this is when we get physical or emotional ailments. When we hold a crystal, have a crystal nearby, or work with elixirs, our EMF begins to sync with the balanced energy of the crystal and we are positively impacted by it. Crystals rebalance our EMF which helps us move towards balanced physical and emotional health. If you are consciously accepting of the energy of the crystals, you are more likely to sync to its energy compared to a person who is resistant. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat or heal and disorder; instead, crystal energy positively impacts our EMF.