Gratitude … it’s more than you think

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If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction, you have learned that living with gratitude is one of the primary tenants for manifesting the life that you want. But gratitude is more than you may think it is.

On my Facebook page, I asked how people define gratitude and received some lovely responses:

Sarah said that “gratitude is an attitude, a specific frequency or vibration. I feel it’s very similar to the vibration of love. Both come from the heart and both shield you in an envelope of light and peace for you cannot be hurt or upset of sad when you are grateful. It goes beyond words.”

Ruthee shared that gratitude means “being appreciative of all the little things that might go by unnoticed. The scent of a particular rose, how the shade looks under a certain tree, a koi pond and fountain in someone’s back yard, an adorable kitten or puppy. Or my favourite, while in a pet food shoppe that has kittens for adoption, a man went and bought a few bags of toy mice and gave one to each kitten in its cage. That brought tears to my eyes.”

For Karen “It’s a word that encompasses the total person. The heart is soft and open. There is so much to be grateful for. The mind quiets and the soul shines.”

And from Theresa, “Gratitude to me means being grateful and appreciative for all the things that the universe has gifted me with and being able to recognize it.”

As you can see, gratitude has  many dimensions. Gratitude  is more than manifesting the things that you want. Having gratitude that you snatched a good deal on stuff on Black Friday is not the true meaning of gratitude. That is more about “thinking” gratitude. Gratitude is a decision that you make on how you want to live your life (regardless of what may manifest). It’s a decision that you want to live your life with joy, appreciative of little things, being present, being of service, recognizing all that is good, and refusing to focus on what is negative.

GratitudeGratitude is truly a way of life. It’s not a conscious act; it’s engrained into your soul and cells as who you are. Because if you ARE gratitude, you will attract in more to be grateful for. When you ARE gratitude, you actually begin to live your life.

So as we approach Thanksgiving, you may embrace or grimace at the traditions of being thankful for what you have. As you give thanks, make an unshakable decision that you will BE gratitude, you will LIVE gratitude, and you will EMANATE gratitude. Then watch how miracles begin to unfold in your life (and email me about them!!!).

In gratitude to you and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Me and Oscar - Aug 09-1-cropped
Thankful for the 15 years I had Oscar in my life



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