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Yesterday, I had the privilege of offering energy healing therapy to five horses with the West Wind Farm in Aldie,Virginia. Although I grew up in a small rural Michigan town surrounded by animals, I have not had experiences with horses. To help me when I teach Integrated Energy Therapy® for Pets (which has a horse component), I felt the draw to have hands-on energy sessions with horses so that they could teach me how they respond to and absorb the energy. And in the process, the horses would receive healing energy. In the energy world, horses are pure spirit in physical form, and are magnificent (not boastful) about their physical and energy size. A horse’s purpose is to help people get in touch with their spirit. This is why people often say that horses are “spirited.” Horses also have a very large heart center.

I was a little anxious about the sessions because I have not had many close-up experiences with horses. They are so large and magnificent. I am unfamiliar with their behavior and I did not want to react in a way to make them unsure or nervous. What was completely unexpected was that the horses instantly made me feel comfortable. Even with their largeness, they were gentle giants. What surprised me even more was how communicative the horses were, especially in intuitive messages that they shared with me.

I first worked with Coasta who was so patient and gentle throughout the session. He was my “test horse” where I was learning the twitches, movements and whether he was comfortable. I sensed that Coasta was putting pressure on himself to do more work as a horse … to be a better horse. When I was energizing that particular area, he started pawing at the ground with his front hoof. One of the riders said that he was indicating that he wanted to go out riding (e.g., to be a horse). And as I was working in the kidney area, he swatted me with his tail and I jumped about 4 feet. He had a smirk in his eye as if to say “gotcha”!


I then worked on Martini, who is 18-years-old. He was also very gentle and curious about the energy. When I was working on an area where threat is stored, Martini sent me a message that he felt nervous of some little rodents (squirrels or opossum) that would run around very fast and he could not keep visual track of them and it made him nervous. I worked to release that threat and to let him know that he does not need to fear them because they likely are more afraid of him. When I did that, he visibly relaxed, almost as if he was exhaling. Martini also had blockages in an area where “shoulds” are stored. His owner indicated that he was in a show a few days earlier and one day did not show well. Martini was sending the message that he knew he should have done better. When that energy was clearing for him, he started to lick his lips (a sign of submission to the energy) and looked like he was actually talking (releasing something that he wanted to say).


Tall Paul was my next teacher. Paul is the largest horse at the stable. For horse people, he’s 17.2 (17 hands tall). I had to stand on my tippy toes to reach his neck and had to ask him to lower his head so that I could work on that area. Paul is 9-years-old and full of energy. His owner was unsure whether he would stand still for the 30 minute treatment. While he was a little fidgety at the beginning, to all of our amazement he settled down and accepted the energy. When I felt Paul’s heart energy, it almost knocked me off balance. It was so huge and loving, it was very emotional to feel. Paul sent me messages about how he loves hanging around with his horse friends and his owner shared that Paul and Martini are best friends. Also during the session, Paul sent me a message that he was feeling claustrophobic. I was confused by the message because we were inside this huge arena. I shared the message with his owner and she indicated that Paul is not housed in an indoor stall because he gets upset being confined, so he is housed outdoors where he feels more freedom. I was incredible that Paul shared that feedback with me. Near the end of the session, I moved to his right side and Paul physically moved away from me. I approach him slowly, but he moved away even more. His owner shared that he has an old stifle injury (to his leg as a result of when he was a racing horse). Not wanting to push the energy on him, I stood back about 3 feet and asked him if he wanted the energy from a distance. Paul seemed much more comfortable. Afterwards, Paul went out for exercise and the rider informed me that Paul was more agile, almost playful, aside from the stifle injury.


Lastly, I worked with Eloise, an 8-year-old mare who was purchased at an auction 6 months earlier. Her prior life history is unknown. Eloise was very gentle though stoic through the treatment. I sensed that she was a little unsure about it, but was putting on a brave face. When I reached her heart center, I felt an immediate sensation that she had closed off her heart because of something that happened in the past. I felt that she was grieving over the loss of a previous owner (which is how she may have ended up at an auction). She was holding in her grief and I felt like she needed to have a good cry. One of the observers commented that he saw her bow her head a little and it appeared that her eyes welled up with tears. I spent a lot of time on the heart area to give her the encouragement to release her grief and to open her heart to her new wonderful owner. I advised the owner that Eloise simply needs to have a good cry and to be on the look out this week for behavior where Eloise is letting her feelings out. I will be curious to know how Eloise does this week because she has been on my mind and in my heart since the session.


As I was preparing to leave, I noticed a horse named Lily in her stall who was craning her neck to get my attention. I walked over to Lily, patted her on the forehead and told her that I would give her energy on my next visit. Lily immediately shook my hands off of her head, walked backwards into her stall and turned her head away from me. I could sense that she was upset that she was not chosen to participate in the healing. I verbalized to Lily that I was sorry, but then I asked her if she wanted a brief treatment. Lily knew exactly what I was saying because she walked back up to the front and laid her head in my hands. It was so peaceful for both of us.

It is really difficult to put into words the amazing energy I received from these horses. Not only was I able to give them some healing, but they were amazing healing teachers for me. I wish I would have taken notes because this only describes a small portion of how the horses reacted. I plan to go back and take some of my students since us city-dwellers do not have opportunities like this to interact with horses.

If you have had experiences with offering healing energy to horses, please share your story. With all of the neglect occurring across the country with horses being abandoned, and with the contentious issues of horse slaughter, horses need healing energy now more than ever. So if you are attuned as an energy healer and have not worked with horses yet, I highly encourage you to locate horses in your area and offer your services. You will walk away amazed.

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  1. That is such a beautiful experience you had! They do sound like gentle giants. Thanks for sharing, with the horses, and with us!

  2. My experience with the energy of some horses is that I felt a huge whoosh! when I came into their energy field, almost like a strong wall of air hit me. I can’t wait to learn more in your energy classes in October.

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