I know you are weary …

I know you are weary of all that is happening in our world. No matter where you live, you may wonder, “when is this craziness going to end?”

You are not alone. I’m writing this on July 3, 2024, the day before the U.S. celebrates their Independence Day. I am writing this because I am hearing from a lot of people that they feel like we no longer have freedoms to celebrate. This is a slightly long read so grab a glass of your favorite drink, put a pet in your lap and keep reading.

I’m seeing the weariness on people’s faces, in their lethargic actions (and non-actions), in their voice that expresses their worries for the future. I’m seeing it play out in apathy, a why-bother attitude, and hearing “I’m just one person, there’s nothing I can do.” I’m seeing it play out in a control-grab for more power over how people live their lives, a deep divide in right & wrong and what people perceive as truth.

Apathy is what concerns me most. As soon as we get comfortable in apathy, that is when we lose our freedom.

This is me sitting across from you as we share a cup of coffee (or martini) and I hope you can hear this: Our ancestors did not fight the battles in our past for us to be firmly planted in apathy and let all of our freedoms slip away. Okay?

It is quite easy to disempower a person. It happens slowly, like a drip in your bathroom sink. Drip drip drip … you may not know what is happening because it’s so slow and quiet. Once it happens long enough or picks up speed, that is when you notice.  I see this in my legal work with domestic violence survivors who dismiss the mildly abusive/controlling behavior of their partner and when it becomes extreme they have been conditioned to accept it. It’s called Learned Helplessness.

Collectively we are in Learned Helplessness.

We have been dripped on for years to tolerate the disempowerment. Little moves here and there by political and corporate leaders. Decisions from governments and courts that subtly and slowly take away our rights. The slow indoctrination of extreme beliefs and gas lighting to question what we know what is really happening. Unspeakable acts of betrayal and criminality that are now normalized and even praised as taking down “the system”. My dear, it is the system doing all of that.

When we are weary and worn down, that is when the big moves can be made and we simply do not have the strength to fight back. Big moves are now happening, boldly.

Is this resonating with you?

I look our current society from the lens of a 30-year attorney (former prosecutor) with a spiritual energy wellness business. It’s a unique perspective and I have a lot of interesting conversations in my brain that always start with “why is this happening now and for what reason?” This is a left brain right brain discussion I have with myself so I don’t get caught up in hysteria or conspiracy theories. I look at things from different perspectives and do not pledge loyalty to any person or institution.

For 20 years I have studied Universal Laws and the energies that we are exposed to all day long. You don’t have to believe in them; they are just there.  Just like the Law of Gravity; we may not fully understand it, but it is there. Our world is evolving. It’s an awakening that is shifting how people think and behave. This evolution has been happening for a while but it went full speed in 2020. That’s when so many people woke up and had their rose colored glasses being ripped off.

We know the evolution is happening in how we live and what we belief if we just look to the day-to-day lives of our grandparents. Life is very different now.

One part of this evolution is for outdated beliefs and behavior to bubble up to be released so that new can come in. Our history works in approximate 20-year cycles. It was written about in a book called The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe and is sometimes called the Strauss-Howe generational theory. These cycles (or turnings) are not characterized by events but instead by human reaction to them. The 4 cycles are: (1) the high, (2) the awakening, (3) the unraveling and (4) the crisis:

  • The prior 4th turning (crisis) was WW2 and the Great Depression (1925-45)
  • The 1st turning (high) was postwar boom (1946-60)
  • The 2nd turning (awakening) was the Consciousness Revolution (Woodstock, activism, laws regarding rights) (1961-81)
  • The 3rd turning (unraveling) was culture wars, distrust in public institutions & polarization begins (1982-2006)
  • And the 4th turning (crisis) is where we are now in an effort to destroy institutions, social unrest & threats everywhere (freedom, climate, financial, housing, resources, etc.) (2008-2028)

We are in the final years of the crisis turning which is why we are seeing outdated ideologies come back, a back slide in human rights and freedoms, and a growing amount of threats around us that we did not have 20 years ago. These turning points are not about what’s happening, it’s about our response. We are being tested to look that evil in the face, say hell no, and let it release.  But it probably feels more like The Hunger Games, right?

Another part of this evolution is the collapse of the old patriarchal energy and the rise of divine energy.

Some people refer to this as the control masculine patriarchy and the divine feminine. But masculine and feminine energy in this regard has nothing to do with biological gender. The divine energy is both masculine and feminine. We all have masculine and feminine traits in us. I see female politicians with very strong control masculine energy voting to take away women’s rights, and I see males with divine feminine energy showing through as kindness and compassion for all. The Barbie Movie in 2023 highlighted patriarchy throughout the entire movie and angered the patriarchal energy.

When I was a prosecutor I had to adopt a more masculine energy in order to thrive in a world dominated by men and to dodge to overt misogyny that I experienced my entire career. I would flaunt my divine feminine when I would walk a fine line around ridiculous dress codes in the courtroom and wear white and pink suits. Gosh they did not like that. Women at that time were required to wear suits with skirts, not pants. One time I was set to start a trial and was wearing a cream colored suit with a skirt. The judge told me to go home and change into a more “appropriate” suit (which meant black, blue or grey suit). I told him no, knowing there was nothing he could do about it. I was wearing a frickin’ suit with a skirt and there was never a policy about the color of the suit.  The glare of contempt I received from that judge cut like a knife but it empowered me going forward to push back against ridiculous outdated norms. I’m proud of that young Allie, she had gumption! I have always been a rebel and have zero tolerance for anyone telling me what to do (sorry mom & dad!).

Patriarchal energy is about power, control, domination, deciding who has rights and who is allowed to be successful. This is why powerful greedy corporations pay almost no taxes, yet small businesses like mine are taxed at ridiculous rates. Divine energy is about unity, compassion, love of all and everyone wins. This where I see heart-based businesses excelling in the past 5 years. Being empowered comes from strength and confidence in controlling your own life, not in controlling others. Hmmm, that also sounds like the definition of freedom.

For thousands of years our planet has been under the power of the patriarchal energy of fear, anger, war, violence, and controls what people can do. People are waking up to that and are fed up with wars, violence, anger and controlling behavior. We have slowly (drip drip drip) been evolving into the divine energy and the patriarchal energy is PEEVED about it.  Why are so many people getting SO upset with Taylor Swift and The Barbie Movie(divine energies) and passing laws that relate only to women and what they can do with their bodies? It’s because they are grasping for power and control like a domestic abuser blocking the door as the victim attempts to leave.

The patriarchal energy has been dripping disempowerment on us for thousands of years to where a majority of humans believe that “this is the way life is” and “there’s nothing I can do”. So they consciously or subconsciously follow the pack.  That is called apathy.

In recent years there has been a rise of the divine feminine energies and we are seeing visible signs of this through the female gender. There are more women in political positions, corporate CEOs, starting their own businesses (I have 2 businesses), speaking out, and empowering others like never before.

Here’s a few notable events of how this is playing out:

  • 1920 – women FINALLY earn the right to vote
  • 1960 – birth control pill is created to give women the right to decide when/if they want children (and many women need this to manage hormone issues)
  • 1963 – equal pay for women
  • 1974 – women earned the right to have a credit card, bank account and mortgage in their name
  • 1981 – 1st woman US Supreme Court justice
  • 1983 – 1st woman in space
  • 1984 – 1st woman on the presidential ballot as Vice President
  • 1988 – women earned the right to have a business in their name
  • 1994 – Violence Against Women’s Act signed into law to protect women from violence
  • 2007 – 1st woman to be Speaker of the House
  • 2016 – 1st woman to receive a presidential nomination
  • 2021 – 1st woman Vice President
  • 2023 – and now the downslide of freedoms as Supreme Court abolishes Roe and states begin passing laws taking away a woman’s right to control her reproduction
  • 2024 – States begin passing laws taking away a woman’s right to IVF and contraception, Supreme Court begins to dismantle federal agencies (dismantling the 40-year Chevron doctrine) and give presidential protections that have never existed

Before anyone gets in a tizzy about reproductive rights let me pose this question. If you desire freedom, do you want freedom to care for your body the best way you know how? I see a lot of hypocrisy in those who create laws regarding bodily freedom. One party believes in reproductive rights for women but mandated physical intrusions on the body during the pandemic; while the other party that is taking away reproductive rights for women yet was vehemently against any bodily intrusions during the pandemic. You can’t have it both ways; you either believe in freedom or you don’t. And these are the questions we all need to answer on what is most important.

The more that the divine rises, the more the control patriarchy is grasping its last breathe to keep control and spread mass fear. That’s what we are seeing.

Here in the US and in many countries, we have enjoyed a foundation of freedom. Those who strap freedom across their chest and fly a flag off the back of their car while taking away rights of women & minorities are not about freedom. Real freedom is allowing people to make their own personal decisions.

If the control leaders can take away the rights of a portion of the population, they certainly can take away the rights of everyone else. No one is exempt. And when people are weary and apathy sets in, it’s easier for that to happen.

I know you are weary … I have moments of weary too.

Each day I make a choice to stay empowered and some days are easier than others. Here’s a few ideas to help you choose to stay empowered, and I would love to hear more ideas from you:

  • Understand that we are in a cycle and we will come out of this.
  • Do not stick your head in the sand. Be in the know from multiple trusted information sources.
  • Understand that when we vote, it is no longer about a party (and it should never ever be about a person), it should be about core values and rights that we hold dear. If you believe that one political party or one person was better for your bank account, is that more important than your freedom? How will you respond if you wake up one day and your bank accounts are gone? Freedom is the core that every human on this planet craves and should have. Think about what freedom means to you and make your decisions based on that. Because economies, gas prices and food prices have gone up and down since the beginning of time.
  • It’s okay to change your mind. With freedom you can do that. Without freedom, you have nothing.
  • Realize that you are important and your decisions are important. You vote with every dollar you spend. Spend money with businesses that support your freedom.
  • 1/3 of Americans did not vote in the last presidential election. That is giving away your power. Embrace your right to vote otherwise it may be taken away.
  • Stay focused on the good in your life rather than focus on the bad. What we focus on becomes reality. It’s okay to rant to get the anger and rage out of you. Instead of a gratitude journal, create a burn book! Write it all out and then burn it!
  • Be vocal with your elected leaders. If they are considering legislation that takes away rights, tell them your thoughts on that. I’m a former lobbyist and your outreach is powerful. Remind them that they are elected to be the voice of their community, not impose their personal beliefs through legislation.
  • Be around uplifting people. This is why I have several spiritual communities I have created so that we have a safe space to learn about this evolution and how we can flow with it. One is called The Sacred Shift if you want to check it out.
  • Ground your energy by putting your bare feet on the ground, take a walk through a forest or along a beach. Scientifically these activities have proven calming abilities.
  • If you work with essential oils, crystals, or other healing modalities for your health and wellbeing, keep up those practices. Do not make yourself sick with worry and stress over the actions of others. You are more powerful than you may realize.
  • And please do not settle into apathy because that is how the drip drip drip has happened over many decades and brought us to where we are now.

Yours in freedom,

Woo woo, says who?  As a Chief Master Catalyst blending 10 coaching & energy certifications with my lawyer brain, my passion is helping people understand the science and logic behind crystals, energy healing, essential oils, Universal Laws and more. Once you logically understand how they work, you will understand the metaphysical and spiritual benefits and have your ah-ha moment. I am the author of The Oily Pet and The Oily Crystaland creator of The Sacred Shift community, The Oily Crystal Master Class and The Crystal Cluster community. As a former prosecuting attorney & animal protection expert, I love helping people understand their animal companions at a deeper level, while helping abused, neglected & shelter pets heal. For those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.

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