Integrated Energy Therapy Classes

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)® is a gentle, angelic energy that works with integration points on the body to help remove blocks from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual laws and to help you expand into your soul purpose. When the emotions and blocks can release, the body can balance.

With each class, students receive an energy attunement to activate their 12-strand DNA (at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy layers).

I have been certified as an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor since 2011.

Classes are held in Lansing, Michigan unless otherwise indicated as an online class.

Safe health policies are in effect for in-person classes. Classes limited to 4 people.

Here’s what you’ll receive in my IET classes:

  • In-depth professional training using a standardized training curriculum created by Steven Thayer, the Integrated Energy Therapy founder
  • A detailed training workbook in each class
  • An energy attunement in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes
  • A class certificate of completion
  • The opportunity to give and receive an IET session in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes
  • The opportunity to give a session to a cat in the IET Pets class
  • Personalized attention with class sizes kept to no more than 8 students

Who are my classes for?

  • Anyone who is interested in alternative wellness techniques
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more of how negative emotions and situations can impact our health
  • Anyone who loves angels and want to learn a technique to connect with them
  • Anyone who wants to work on releasing negative emotions and situations that may be stored at the cellular level
  • Anyone who has (or desires to have) a healing or massage business and wants to add an angelic method to their practice
  • Anyone who is interested in growing their spiritual and wellness path


“I was surprised on how much I felt energy and surprised on how it came out of my body. I felt supported through it all and excited that I heard guidance.” – Michelle (Stanton, MI)

“The techniques learned are amazing and I believe that I will be able to integrate into my everyday life.” – Tanabeth (Stanton, MI)

“At all levels [Basic, Intermediate & Advanced] the consistent ah-ha moments was the beauty of angels managing the energy transfer through us.” – Larry (Bath, MI)

“I have learned so much and the techniques will benefit me and those around me. I recommend Allie to everyone.” – Margie (Lansing, MI)

“IET for Pets was absolutely phenomenal!” – Rose (Portland, MI)

Class Schedule

When clicking on the payment link, you will be prompted to type in the fee appropriate for the class.

Registration closes 10 days before each class so that class materials can be ordered. 

If you work or volunteer at a veterinary clinic, animal shelter or animal rescue group, you will receive a 25% discount when you register for IET Basic and Pet classes together. Click on the payment link below to obtain the special rate.

IET Class Dates Fee Payment
Healing Angels of the Energy Field ONLINE Oct 22-24 (6-8:30pm/ET) $125

IET Basic November 12, 2021 $205
IET Intermediate TBA Winter 2022 $230
IET Advanced TBA Winter 2022  $230
IET for Pets TBA Winter 2022 $135

IET Bundle (Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced discount) $600 (save $65)600

Special rate for animal care professionals: Basic and Pet classes $255 special rate (a 25% discount)!

3 class combo buttonIET for PetsHealing Angels button


Do you have payment plans?
I do not have payment plans for one or two day classes. But if you really want to take a class and need a payment plan, just email me. Full payment is required before the class begins, but I’m happy to work with you.

What happens after I register?
When you pay for the class, you are automatically registered. I will email you a welcome letter with details about the class date, time, location, and what to bring to have a comfortable experience (such as lunch, a yoga mat or blanket, a journal).

What is your refund policy if I have to cancel?
Your class registration fee will be 100% refunded (minus any online payment fees) if you cancel more than 10 days before the class. If you cancel less than 10 days before the class, you can either hold your class fee over to the next class (or a different class) or receive a 70% refund. Within 10 days of class, I’ve already incurred the cost of your workbook which is why it’s not a 100% discount. If you do not to come to the class without prior notice of cancellation, 100% of your class fee will be forfeited.

Is the class workbook printed?
Yes it is! I’ll send you home with a workbook created by Steven Thayer, the founder of IET.

In your class for pet, will I get to practice on animals? Can I bring my pet
Yes and no! I have 3 cats who all love being around angels and being in class. You will have an opportunity to work on them and learn how to work with pets who won’t sit still or who walk off. But please do not bring your pet. It could be stressful for your pet, and I know it would be stressful for my cats!

I want to take your class but I don’t live near you. Do you offer online crystal classes?
IET can only be taught in-person due to the energy attunement required for class. My teaching style works best with small classes for a personalized hands-on experience where you can ask questions and have one-on-one assistance.

However, the Healing Angels class is now permitted to be taught online so please check class dates!

Do you travel to other locations to offer your in-person classes?
Yes … I love to travel to teach! The class prices will be higher (to cover my travel costs) and there would be a minimum requirement of 6 people in the class. But I can pack my bags and head to your town if you can get a group together. Contact me to inquire about availability and pricing.

Do you offer private classes?
Not for these classes because a minimum of two students are needed for purposes of the practice session.

What if I take the class and I don’t like it, will I get my money back?
The short answer is no. You wouldn’t go to your dentist, get your teeth cleaned and then say “I didn’t like that so I’m not paying”, right? All kidding aside, I can tell you that no student has ever walked away dissatisfied. Every student has walked away incredibly energized, excited, transformed and eager to learn more. In fact, a large majority of my students come back for multiple classes. I also have every student fill out an evaluation form and all of my classes have been given the highest ratings. But if for some reason the class doesn’t resonate with what you expected, just contact me and we’ll chat about it because maybe just getting a few questions answered will help get you back on track.