Connect with the Healing Angels

The in-person class is in Lansing, MI and is one-day (8 hours). The online class is three 2-1/2 hour classes and you will learn:

  • about the 9 healing angels and the specific purpose each has in healing
  • how to connect with each angel
  • how to receive messages from each angel
  • how to incorporate the angels in an IET session (although you can simply take this class for the experience of learning how to connect with angels) and
  • you will have an opportunity to meditate, connect with and receive messages from the 9 angels.

Class pre-requisite:


Your class materials:

You will be provided a fully illustrated training manual created by Steven Thayer, the founder of IET and a certificate. You will walk away with a solid understanding of the 9 healing angels and how to connect with them and receive messages.

Class length:

The in-person class is from 9:00am – 5:00pm and the online class is over 3 days from 6-8:30pm/eastern.

Registration deadline:

You must register ten (10) days before the class in order for your workbook to be ordered.

This class is only held once a year and the 2023 class has been held. Join the wait list and enough people are interested I will schedule another class.

Register here (Fee = $150)


“I was not sure what to expect going into the class other than I definitely wasn’t expecting to connect with an angel, much less all 9 angels  But I did!  I felt all 9 Angels, in one way or another connect with me and it was amazing.  I now know how to call on any or all angels, feel their presence, and know they are with me and helping me.” – Cindy (St. Louis, MO)

“This class was amazing! Allie facilitated our group and we all made some real connections and learned that we get downloads and channeled messages daily.” – Kim (Portland, MI)

“I absolutely loved Allie’s Healing Angels Class. The information and knowledge Allie shared in this class has given me the confidence to begin a practice with the Angels. The balance between information and practical application in the sessions was perfect. I can highly recommend this class if you want to learn about Healing Angels and how to access them in your life.” – Lyn (Queensland, Australia)

“Angels of the Energy field is a must do!  As an empath, I feel empowered. I can connect with Angels to help move me through my day with less energetic interference and to provide direction and clarity with my purpose in my daily life.” Reana (St. Johns, MI)

“It was a wonderful experience to actually feel the energy of each angel, to speak to them, and sometimes even to see them.  There was an exchange of humor which was actually unexpectedly fun.  The messages were profound.  I look forward to building a continuing and on-going relationship.  What particularly warmed my heart was that in each session, the angel showed me clearly how the energy had been working in my life all along.  We are truly never alone and we are always richly blessed.  Working with angelic energies makes us vividly aware of these gifts.” – Nancy (Lewistown, IL)

“I discovered more about myself today [in Healing Angels class]. It was pure learning, light and love. I have so many lessons to take with me.” — Julie (Alexandria, Virginia)