IET Basic, Intermediate & Advance Classes

Each class is one-day (8 hours) and you will learn:

  • Basic
    • IET attunement to 1st and 2nd pair DNA
    • the history of IET
    • the emotional causes of energy blocks
    • how to heartlinks
    • about cellular memory maps
    • techniques to release emotional causes of energy blocks
    • the 5 minute empowerment session
    • giving absentee sessions and
    • giving/receiving a session with another student in class
  • Intermediate
    • IET attunement to 3rd and part-4th pair DNA
    • how emotional issues are stored in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/karmic energy fields
    • releasing techniques
    • how to sense the extent of the emotional block
    • adding intermediate techniques to the basic session and
    • giving/receiving a session with another student in class
  • Advanced
    • IET attunement to part-4th and 5th pair DNA
    • techniques to bring your soul’s mission to life faster
    • techniques to manifest you (or your client’s) soul mission
    • techniques to clear resistance in the energy field to living your soul’s mission
    • learning how to create a heartbeam
    • adding advanced techniques to the intermediate session and
    • giving/receiving a session with another student in class

Class pre-requisites:

  • For IET Basic = no pre-requisite
  • For IET Intermediate = IET Basic
  • For IET Advanced = IET Intermediate

Your class materials:

You will be provided a fully illustrated training manual created by Steven Thayer, the founder of IET and a certificate for each class. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how IET works in the energy fields and will have the skills to provide sessions for others as well as for yourself.

Class length:

Class is from 9:00am – 5:30pm.

Click here for current class dates & registration links.

Registration deadline:

You must register ten (10) days before the class in order for your workbook to be ordered.


“Out of all the energy healing modalities from Polarity to Reiki to this, IET has been the MOST powerful for receiving & giving healing.” – Kourtni (Perry, MI)

“The Intermediate class was amazing! I feel so euphoric. It was amazing feeling so connected and being able to feel and move the energy around. Allie does a phenomenal job explaining every little detail and helping you really grasp the art of IET.” – Rachael (Hampton, VA)

“These classes [Basic thru Advanced] changed/challenged my beliefs and expanded my mind in ways I would never have believed if you told me ahead of time. It totally challenged things I thought I knew. I felt wings. Being hugged by an angel isn’t something you imagine or forget. These classes were life changing for me. Things make sense now.” — Mary (Dewitt, MI)

“As a clinically trained therapist and healer I am so excited to add this modality to my tool box. This therapy will allow people to heal (truly heal) on a soul level. Allie is amazing teacher who is able to gracefully mix logic and metaphysics in a way that an individual can truly understand. The hands-on portion of the class we can actually feel the energy as a practitioner and client. The 3 days I spent in training were well worth my time and financial investment.” — Jaynaya (Lansing, MI)

“These classes have opened my eyes that will lead me to do my soul mission. Taking all 3 classes helped me to understand how the angels communicate and want us to succeed in our soul mission. I have felt that I need to do more in life and now I can use the techniques I’ve learned.” — Susan (Lansing, MI)

“After taking the intermediate and advanced IET class with Allie, It caused me to finally realize that I am responsible for what I bring into my life and that in order to move forward, I would have to look at and address the “shadow side” of myself – face the fear (and eliminate my ego) that has kept me from living my life fully.  In order to do this, I have had to work at changing my perception of myself realizing that I am perfect as I am ( and not letting family, friends, society or even my ego tell me that I am anything less than perfect, as in I need to lose weight, or become prettier, more successful…).  This is still a work in progress but when I experience the moments of pure joy of living in the moment (no fears or regrets), then I know that I am on the right path.  I have also learned to look for the green flags in life (the ones that show you are on the right path) and listen to the red flags because it is OK to say no when I know deep down that path is not one that I want to take (even at times when people say you should).  I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to get more in touch with the spiritual side of healing because working with angelic healing is incredible (no words to describe it).” — Kathy (Middleton, Delaware)

“[IET Advanced] was my favorite class. It was very informative and I especially loved the way Allie teaches. I can’t wait to begin practicing on others.” – Ashley (Lansing, MI)

“I cannot believe the amount of knowledge I have and will be using to help myself and others.” – Sherri (Lansing, MI)

“I love IET! It is exactly what I was looking for these past years. Allie is awesome!” – Linda (Ashburn, VA)

“Awesome! Amazing! I cannot wait to use this modality!” — Arlene (Grand Ledge, MI)

“Allie was clear and logical in her presentation. Kind, strong, yet accommodating, concerned for our comfort and understanding.” – Laura (Jackson, MI)

“[IET Basic] was so interesting and resonated so simply with me. The hands on practice and discussion was the perfect balance.” – Sue (Alexandria, Virginia)

“Very relaxing and informative class [IET Intermediate]. Allie is very gifted and very patient.” – Ashley (Lansing, MI)

“Excellent class [IET Intermediate)! The material was well-presented with thorough explanations. Outstanding!” — Elizabeth (Alexandria, Virginia)

“I am very pleased to have learned all of the techniques in Advanced IET. Anything to help with manifestation is all right with me!” – Nicole (Falls Church, VA)

“[IET Advanced] was a terrific class! Loved learning this final segment of IET. Allie answered all of my questions and is highly adaptable. Highly recommend as this is a way to make IET sessions much more effective on yourself or for a client.” – Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)

“[IET Advanced] … Loved the conversational style. Glad not “reading from book verbatim.” Loved ability to ask questions throughout.” – Angela (Mason Neck, Virginia)

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