IET for Pets

In this one-day (8 hour) training you will learn:

  • how to offer a Basic IET session to cats, dogs and horses
  • the spiritual lives and purpose of cats, dogs and horses
  • the cellular memory map of pets, and
  • an opportunity to offer a session to one of my cats
  • Bonus: I hope to offer students the opportunity to work on horses during class (stay tuned)

Class pre-requisite:

IET Basic class 

Your class materials:

You will be provided a fully illustrated training manual created by Steven Thayer, the founder of IET and a certificate. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how IET works in the energy fields with cats, dogs, and horses, and will have the skills to provide a session on animals.

Class length:

Class is from 9:30am – 6:00pm.

Click here for the next class date & registration link.

Registration deadline:

You must register seven (7) days before the class in order for your workbook to be ordered.


“[IET Pets] was an excellent class. The material was well presented and offered new insights into the hearts and souls of animals. Loved it!” – Elizabeth (Alexandria, Virginia)

“I loved [IET for Pets] – the connection I felt using a stuffed animal was mind blowing. Working with my own dog was very emotional but very eye opening!!” — Sue (Alexandria, Virginia)