“Simply by doing what we intuitively know we MUST do, we begin to attract those people, events and situations into our lives that help bring about those dramatic positive shifts we so often attribute to the Law of Attraction.” This is my favorite quote that hangs above my computer. It reinforces for me to spend my time on things that feel right, or resonate with me. In essence, those things that intuitively are in alignment with who I am.

So what are you intuitively doing in your life so that you attract people, events and situations to help you manifest what you desire? For me, it’s doing work (whether I get paid or not) in the areas that I love such as helping people find the path to live their best lives, helping animals, and healing. And in a society where we need money to survive, I only think of that secondary to intuitively following my hearts desires; and sure enough, the money shows up. It encompasses a Universal Law: What you sow, is what you reap.

So what are you sowing? Are you tapped in to your intuition and do you listen to it? Are you spending your time and energy on things, people and situations that bring you joy, or are you caught in the busyness of life doing things that do not make your heart sing?

Intuition is a shy little friend. But once you coax it out, it can guide you to taking chances and living the life you desire. After all, we are here to live OUR best life; not the life according to our family, society or our boss. And when you listen to your intuition and begin living your authentic life, you feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and you feel an unyielding trust that the Universe will support you in ways you have never experienced. We hear stories all the time of people who left a 6 or 7 figure position on Wall Street or with a Fortune 500 company so that they could open a yoga studio or start a dog walking business. And they find success!

So how do you tap in to your intuition so that you can find your authentic life path? Here are some tips:

  • Meditate to quiet your mind. When you can quiet the non-stop chatter in your mind, the echos of your intuition will ring in your ears. It’s like walking into a cave. If you are talking in the cave, all you hear is your voice. But if you stop talking, you will hear the natural sounds of the cave speak to you. Take a least 15 minutes a day (twice a day is better) to sit and be quiet. Just focus on breathing in and out. Intuition speaks to you in the form of thoughts, ideas and voices (no, not the crazy voices!). Intuition is supportive and positive; whereas your ego is critical and fearful.
  • Receive energy healing to remove any energetic blocks to your intuition. Energy healing feels like a spiritual massage. Afterwards, you are clear and open to hearing your intuition.
  • Ask for guidance and look for signs. When you pose a question to your higher self, your intuition will answer. The answer may be subtle, so you need to look for signs.

Last year when I was refocusing my career, I was driving and asked “What do you want me to do?” I pulled up to a stop light, looked to my right and there was a church sign that said “Meditation is the answer to all of your questions.” I laughed at the obvious message. And just this week as I wondered what action I could take to help Manifested Harmony reach more people and reduce suffering and struggling during these difficult times, I was driving and saw a deer. The deer was in a location where I would not expect it to be. It caught my eye and I knew it was a sign. The deer animal totem stands for being gentle and not pushing to make something happen. It is about innocence and freshness in something that is awakening. So that told me to be gentle and let the message of Manifested Harmony resonate with people.

Intuition is your guiding light and will never steer you wrong. It will offer you paths and gently suggest the right path while still allowing your free will. If you listen to those whispers, you will walk on your authentic path. It will take some time to reprogram your mind to quiet itself so that you can hear your intuition. So do not give up after a few attempts. This needs to be a standard part of your life.

I encourage you to give this a try. Then write to me and let me know how your intuition is helping to draw people, events and situations into your life that are in alignment with who you truly are.


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