It’s not about stuff: The Real Law of Attraction

This week, I started our month-long Create Your Best Life: Law of Attraction Series. For one hour a night, for four nights, an amazing group of ladies are learning the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction. As I was preparing the materials for class, it really struck me how commercialized the Law of Attraction has become and how misguided most people are about what it really is.

The Law of Attraction is the oldest Universal Law and was intricately involved in the creation of our planet and Universe. It is present and active in our life every second of the day. Like the Law of Gravity, we know it works but we may not understand how. One of my missions is to educate as many people about the Law of Attraction because I see so much suffering that could be curtailed if people deliberately worked with the Law of Attraction each day.

But most people think the Law of Attraction is about getting stuff: about getting a good parking space, a Jaguar, winning the lottery, even getting a specific person to love them. While the Law of Attraction can certainly help you draw in those things if you are a vibrational match, the Law of Attraction is so much more at its core.

The Law of Attraction is about how you want to live your life. Which of these lifestyles do you want to live:

  • I want to wake up exhausted and drag myself to a job that is not only uninspiring, but downright depressing. I count the minutes until I go home, but when I arrive home I am met with unhappy and unpleasant people who complain. I am too exhausted to do anything to benefit myself (exercising, enjoying a hobby), so I immerse myself in television or the computer to numb myself. Then I drag myself to bed and do it all over again the next day while I count the minutes until the weekend arrives.
  • I wake up refreshed and excited for what new and amazing things will cross my path. I have chosen work that uplifts and inspires me and because of that, I give off a joyful vibe that positively impacts those around me. Even if others are having a bad day, they can’t shake me from feeling good about my life. Opportunities surround me everyday and I’m eager to take leaps of faith and inspired action. I look forward each day to quality time that I get to spend on myself (exercising, yoga, meditating, sitting outside and enjoying nature, playing with my pets) and interacting in harmony with my loved ones. I go through the day full of gratitude and everyday something happens to make my life even better, and for those around me.

Now which life do you want to live? The Law of Attraction is about living with ease and harmony; it’s about living the life that you want. When life is easy and flows positively, you don’t get exhausted, stressed, anxious, depressed, fearful, worried or panic. You don’t need to reach for prescription medication to ease your frayed nerves; instead you reach for gifts that the Universe provides to you because you are operating at a high vibrational level.

The Law of Attraction is a magnet; do you want to attract muck or do you want to attract things that make you squeal with joy and say ahhhhhh ….. I love that! The choice is yours.

If you’re interested in learning more, ask me for a Manifesting Me 20-minute complimentary coaching session and learn how you can actually enjoy living your life, rather than holding your breath just trying to get to the end of the day or the weekend. I know it works, because it works for me!

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2 thoughts on “It’s not about stuff: The Real Law of Attraction

  1. dear allie,i write u this reply from holland. Hereby a nice warm greeting! I am a regular practicer of meditation and seperayed times i spend with myself to stay in touch with my inner peaceful spirit. Helps me so much with staying powerful and positive during the day and my work. It teaches me to stay open all the time for everything that crosses my path. I am a very grateful and loving person, i try to be as much as possible. The thing is my life dream and biggest goal is to have a few pilotstores of my own fashionlabel i have established. It s a new brand so people have to get in touch with it through media, magazines etc. So far i am very happy and thankful for eveything that has been. I feel and believe that maybe soon somebody will come on my path who does have the financial position to cooperate with me in opening my pilostores or maybe i will be able to do it myself..either way i accept every possibility that the universe has to offer to me. But somedaya i feel like just taking the rest and just do the things i enjoy..such as tanning and visiting the hair salon…basicaly doing everything which has nothing to do with my business..its just personal entertainment during the day. I know that the loa works with having the right feelings and believs about the life you truly want to live..does this also includes the way im actually spending my day? I shall be more concrete…after haVing very difficulties in my life on every area i want only to be healthy, spend more time with my loved ones,enjoy life and run a very succesful business. Somedays i spend my day as if i have already reached this! That increases the strength of my belifs and feelings but i wonder if this is the same as fooling myself because i live as if i have reached it already…meanwhile i also grab daily all chances and opportunities that come on my way to expand my business more..can u pls reply to me? I hope that i ve explained it clear enough without making it too complicated lol . Much love senem. q

    1. Hi Senem – It’s good to hear from a kindred spirit in Holland! As to your question, how you spend your days (with your actions, words and thoughts) all contribute to the Law of Attraction. The most important thing to remember is to do things that make you feel good and happy. What you describe is exactly what you should be doing! If you can fill your days doing things that you want to do (not things that you are required to do), that helps to raise your energy vibration so that you can attract in more people, situations and things that you really want! You’re doing really well!
      All my best, Allie

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