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Online Class: You are your thoughts: A better life through conscious manifesting

Living with fear, uncertainty, stress, ailments, unfulfilled relationships, financial instability, or unemployment? Make 2014 your best year ever! Learn how to shift your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and take control of how your life unfolds.

Join Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Life Coach, Allie Phillips, for a five-part online class. Come together with like-minded people to learn a solid foundation about the Law of Attraction and how to consciously manifest what you really want. These classes go beyond The Secret and will give you practical tools and exercises for everyday living. Each session builds on the next, so be sure to attend all five classes. Each class will be recorded if you miss the live class.

When: At your pace!

Where: Online!

Special Rate: $73 for the 5-part series

 You will learn:
  • What is the Law of Attraction and how does it really work?
  • Why attempts at the Law of Attraction in the past have not worked.
  • How your vibrational energy impacts what you want.
  • How to determine what you really want.
  • How emotions and peace impact your manifesting success.
  • How core beliefs and resentment impact your ability to manifest what you want.
  • Specific and practical steps that you can take everyday to change your vibrational energy so that you manifest what you really want.

If 2013 was a great year, let’s make 2014 even better. If you’d rather forget 2013, then you definitely need to take this class. Click on the link below and get started!

Online Class: Law of Attraction Life Class: Becoming a Master Manifestor

You are Your Thoughts is a pre-requisite for this class. This class will go deeper into the nuances of the Law of Attraction specific to relationships, money, career, health and wellbeing. You will receive practical tools and exercises to become a master manifestor of your dreams.

When: At your pace!

Where: Online!

Cost: $109 for the 4-part series

 You will learn:
  • An intensive analysis of manifesting in your relationships, with money, in your career, and with having the health and wellbeing you desire.
  • 6 common mistakes when manifesting
  • How to become a self-actualized person
  • How the law of attraction works with your soul life path
  • How the law of attraction is explained when bad things happen to good people
  • A deep dive on how fear and belief impact everything!
  • An intensive analysis of health via the 7 chakras and how emotions/vibrations create physical issues
  • How to handle being a sensitive person and keeping your vibration high
  • Learn how to Think and Grow Rich and achieve that abundant mindset you’ve always wanted
  • 10 reasons you don’t have the relationship(s) that you want and how to fix that
  • Practical steps and loads of resources!



Testimonials from prior classes

“Allie is an excellent teacher. If you apply her suggestions and actually do the homework you will see changes. Her class on forgiveness is one of the best I have ever seen. Connecting it to abundance, manifesting and LOA is something I have not ever heard presented in that way. Her additional resources alone are worth the price of the course.” — Gina (Springfield, Virginia)

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have brought into my life. I knew the instant I found you there would be big changes coming. I realize now what my soul purpose is and there are ‘blocks’ I need to heal in order to get there. You have provide me with the first level of tools I need to begin that healing process. Thank you!” — Linda (Ashburn Virginia)

“I am learning to look at things in my life differently. I catch myself in negative thoughts or impulses and re-direct automatically. I’m happier with work, with relationships and with myself. I highly recommend this class! Even though we are all virtual, I felt connected to Allie and to the other students and could see how we all evolved through the five weeks.” — Pat (Alexandria, Virginia)

“Allie’s class was the highlight of my week each week of this course…I literally could not wait until the next one! It was so well thought out and planned and by far exceeded my expectations. It was without a doubt the best online course I have ever taken.” — Cindy (Newnan, Georgia)

“I just completed the law of attraction class “You Are Your Thoughts” and I have to say that the law of attraction isn’t something to believe in, it just is. Allie was able to coach me into fully understanding this and my life has changed immensely. I learned that negativity will only attract just that and so with the help of the course exercises and a lot of practice on my part, abundance of all types has begun to flow into my life. Thank you Allie for all that you do! You are amazing!!” — Vanessa (Ontario, Canada)

“Allie’s online course was as thorough as many in person classes, with extensive resources that will be available long after the course ends. This will allow everyone to revisit certain areas and spend more time where they feel they would like (or need to work). Highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning more about Law of Attraction.”

“I just completed the “You are Your Thoughts” online class [April 2013] through Manifested Harmony. Allie is delightful and very motivating. The class resources were a perfect combination of theoretical and practical information about the law of attraction. The classes were well thought out and presented. The online format allowed for interaction. The recommended exercises between classes were right on point and a perfect foundation for creating a law of attraction lifestyle. I can;t wait for the next class!” Charlotte – Alexandria/VA

“I had just finished watching the documentary “The Secret”. I wanted to learn more about the Law of Attraction and was doing some research online when I ran across the Manifested Harmony website. I read that Allie was signing people up for an online class for the Law of Attraction and I was surprised. Call it good luck, being in the right place at the right time or manifesting. Either way it was fate. I enjoyed every minute of the class as well as all the weekly exercises and projects she set up for us. In two weeks time, I personally started to see things in a different light and I started feeling better about myself and my life. Thank you Allie for introducing me to such wonderful resources. I’m going to be doing my “Happy Dance” everyday from now on!” Lucia P – Bronx, NY

“This class was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!  The whole Law of Attraction concept is completely new to me, and I’m so excited about it.  I think it has opened me up to making a significant change in my life, much sooner than I thought I would.  I feel much less frightened about this change, and I’m more confident it’s the right thing to do.  So many of the decisions I’ve made up to now were things I just drifted into and were not right for me (about people and jobs).” – Elizabeth (Arlington, VA)

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