Holistic Coaching

You are ready for holistic coaching when:

  • You do not know what you want out of life, and therefore struggle to set goals.
  • You feel lost with no joy or motivation to achieve your dreams.
  • You feel like you are living a life that is not suited to your heart’s desire.
  • You worry about your financial future, your job, and the state of the world.
  • You struggle with relationships and experience too many negative people and situations.
  • You know that you want something better.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and take action.
  • You are willing to take control of your life and begin manifesting more positive situations so that you can live life with joy and ease.

What will you get from my holistic coaching program?

  • I will help you identify what is holding you back from living your best life.
  • I will help you become clear and begin manifesting what your heart truly desires.
  • I will help you break through blocks and put passion back into living your authentic life.
  • I will show you how to tap in to and listen to your inner voice.
  • I will teach you about the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws.
  • I will give you specific energy therapy and lifestyle recommendations to achieve greater harmony and balance.
  • I will customize each coaching session according to your weekly progress and end goals.
  • I will support you and keep you on track so that you are actively understanding and working with the Law of Attraction every moment.

Why should I be your coach?

I have a very unique approach to coaching!! I am a Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Certified Life Coach. I am also a Certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Advanced Crystal Master, and Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor and I am trained to work with Young Living essential oils. I holistically combined the Law of Attraction, Universal Laws, energy therapy and other techniques to help build a coaching plan that will work for you. I believe that the right recipe of methods will help you achieve what you most want!

First, apply to have a strategy call where we will identify the results that you want.

Second, we will both decide whether you would be a good fit for my program. Not everyone gets accepted to my program; those who are truly motivated to make change and are willing to invest in themselves will be accepted and, therefore, will have the best success.

Third, if you are accepted to the program, we will identify how many sessions you will need to reach your result and I will craft a plan using the Universal Laws and other techniques that are suited to your needs and goals. After each session, I will make adjustments based on your progress and growth so that you get the most out of our time. All of my expertise will come together to help you. For example, if you’re exhausted and that is impacting your ability to focus your intentions on the Law of Attraction, I may recommend that you place a Selenite crystal under your bed. That is how I bring together various approaches.

As a coach, my goal is to support, encourage and motivate you through the process while providing you practical tools to reach your end result. I will hold you accountable so that you steadily work towards your goals. Invoking the Universal Laws is a detailed method of changing your core beliefs and behaviors so that you can change your vibration and create the life of your dreams. When you look around to what is in your life, everything present or lacking is based on your core beliefs. I will help you restructure your beliefs in a positive way.