Are you ready to Soar: Lessons during the Pandemic

Grab a cup of hot tea because this is a long read. I hope it stirs your inner voice to give you answers.

With social distancing and spending more time at home, I have been meditating on the energy fueling COVID-19 and the pandemic. Why is this happening? Why is this happening now? What can we learn from it? What will our world look like on the other side? Why isn’t fresh fruit and veggies going out of stock? Will toilet paper replenish?

While I continue to get more information each day, I wanted to share these insights now in hope that it lifts your energy and helps you embrace the change now happening.

There is no doubt that we are in an interesting time in our history.

Most of us now realize that our world will never be the same. Some worry they will never recover whereas others see our rebirth into something new.

The Universe/God/Mother Earth have given us all a big time out. I can almost hear the energy saying ENOUGH! You are confined at home until you learn this lesson.

So what’s the lesson? We are in a time where we are being asked to grow into a new way of thinking, a new way of doing, a new way of being, a new way of relating and living together so that we can adjust to the changing energy that has been upon us for many years. Some call it the Ascension, some say it is the natural expansion that everything in the Universe experiences.

I have been looking at the progression of what is happening around the world to help understand the deeper meaning. The shortages in supplies, quarantines, social distancing, sickness, death, business closures, the financial impact. These events are not happening to us … they are happening for us and they are happening for the benefit of the planet collectively and all inhabitants, human and animal.

Change is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but we have lived a life full of change. As a child a new tooth coming in was uncomfortable; the WHOLE time as a teenager was uncomfortable; giving birth to a baby is uncomfortable. Our life is all about change and growth. And that is where we find ourselves again. We are all in this together to change and grow.

As I tap into the energy swirling around us, these are the questions bubbling up that I feel we are being forced to address:

  • Are we running out of paper supplies because we should stop using less and stop clogging our landfills? Is Mother Earth choking from all the people, all the junk and all the toxins that this is an energy to pivot in a better direction?
  • Are we running out of medical supplies because we have lost touch with ancient medicine? Are we so stuck in the mindset of requiring a double-blind peer-reviewed study before we believe anything that we have lost sight that our ancestors used the earth as medicine?
  • Are we producing too many toxic products that have destroyed the health of humans and animals so that we cannot naturally fight off a virus? When we fill our body with toxins and don’t follow a practice that I learned in Kindergarten (wash your hands, a lot) our body doesn’t have a fighting chance. We are being re-schooled.
  • Are we living in a culture of over-indulgence (supersize my fries, please) and eating so many processed non-foods that our body struggles to stay healthy? If we treat our body like a junkyard and fill it with foods that have no life, then how can we expect our body to be filled with life?
  • Are we living in a world so polluted that quarantine is the only way to clear our air, water, land and our minds? Wouldn’t it be nice if this quarantine had us rethink the exhaust- and stress-filled gridlock in big cities, and allowed the Earth and people to breathe?
  • Are we living to do things and check off to-do lists to where we burnout? With everyone being “so busy” and on the go (even children who are over scheduled), this quarantine and shelter-in-place is reuniting families around games and story telling.
  • Are we living so financially fragile that even going without one paycheck can put people into panic and financially devastate small and big businesses? Businesses are now re-thinking their model and being forced to adapt to survive (this is a blessing in disguise). Are you also reassessing your financial security? Hint: Put your financial eggs in more than one basket and diversify.
  • Are we being asked to physically distance from people, and hunker down with family and pets, so that we have an opportunity to sit with our thoughts, learn who we are, learn what we want, learn what our purpose is here on Earth and grow together? I think this is one of the most profound benefits of this time as we reach out to check on each other and connect in new ways.

Here’s what I find interesting about this moment in time.

Interesting Thought #1: One of the first industries to go into quarantine were the assisted living and nursing home facilities. My mom is in assisted living and it was really difficult to be with her and say goodbye when the lock down was happening. The messages I am receiving are saying this is a shift in energy to first protect and respect our elders.

Interesting Thought #2: In a year where I felt (and hoped) that we would shift offline because of online fatigue and getting bombarded with information overload, we are now required to physically distance. So instead, we are having virtual happy hours, business meetings on video conferencing, and communicating extensively via technology.  What the heck? The message behind this is still revealing itself but the lack of in-person human contact has made me reach out more to people in my life and business. It has also given me more down time due to less driving.

Interesting Thought #3: This situation is exposing financial fear for businesses and people. My heart embraces my friends and colleagues whose businesses were forced to close for an indefinite amount of time. The service industry really is the backbone of our society and they are taking the biggest impact. Years ago I strongly felt the importance of having more than one income stream; not so that I could work more hours, but so that if something happened in one of my businesses the other business could hold me up. It did not make sense to me at the time, but I did it and now I am thankful. The message I am receiving is that everyone is being asked to reassess, expand and embrace a new energy of how they receive financial abundance and income. The old ways have slowly been collapsing (greed is collapsing and heart-based businesses are growing) so we have an opportunity to create something new. A forced time-out at home will give you the time and space to know what is right for you. Work with your grounding & ascending crystals (like Ajoite, Apophyllite, Aurora Quartz, Kyanite, and Pink Himalayan Quartz), essential oils (especially Melissa essential oil and the Transformation oil blend) and mindset techniques so that you do not sink into fear and then make decisions.

Interesting Thought #4: What if everyone embraced natural wellness practices (such as energy healing, essential oils, meditation, yoga, massage) and these were approved as mainstream health practices rather than popping a pill? Let’s keep the momentum of embracing Earth-based medicine. So if you feel panic or fear, go put your barefoot on the ground, breathe in fresh air, let the sun shine on your face, and hug a tree!

Interesting Thought #5: What if we supported the producers of whole food products rather than processed food products, and plant-based products rather than products with a chemical soup of 89 ingredients? Let’s give financial subsidies to the organic brussel sprout farmer rather than the business with machines filling boxes full of toxic ingredients and passing it off as safe food. Let’s embrace the sustainability of plant-based wellness.

Will this be a scary or beautiful time in history for you?

Will you give yourself the quiet time and space to hear the changes that are right for you? Will you stop endless scrolling on social media, mind-numbing television, and comfort eating that is not life giving? Will you lean on faith, hope, prayer, meditation? Will you find a new passion project, or volunteer opportunity, or create a new food recipe to share? Will you open your home to a foster a shelter pet since most animal shelters are closed? Will you go back to less than 3 months ago and look at your 2020 New Year’s goals and reassess what is truly important?

The energy is telling me that we are being asked to change, to pivot directions, to do something different, to be someone different, to contribute, to lend a helping hand. Even if you do not understand the changing energies we have been in for years, you have probably felt them. Too many people are suffering from mysterious ailments, we are moving a break-neck speeds and burning out, we are filling our bodies/minds/spirit with junk, we are afraid …. And all for what?

The lessons of this time in history are a tremendous gift if you listen. I am keeping a journal that I call The Pandemic Papers (written in a Harry Potter journal, because Harry always wins!!!). I am documenting what I’m doing, how I’m feeling, and what I’m changing as we move into the new energies. It will be fun to read 5 years from now.

Remember, this is not happening to you … it’s happening for you. Will you allow yourself to soar?


About Allie Phillips:

Allie is a multi-careered energy therapist (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and Advanced Crystal Master),  essential oil educator, award-winning book author, attorney and internationally-recognized animal advocate, and Founder/CEO of Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)®.  She travels the globe to teach about essential oils, healing, and keeping pets & people safe from harm. She helps people create a natural non-toxic lifestyle, find financial freedom, and help animals live with comfort in our hectic world. She particularly loves helping our animal companions and those temporarily in animal shelters because for those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.
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  1. Read through this. Well thought out and written. At a minimum is it thought provoking and on the maximum side, opens the door to self reflection to figure out where it all is going and where we can fit in to help the most.

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