Welcome to the Body System Wellness Series! Each class will give you the causes for imbalance in the system, lifestyle recommendations, essential oils, supplements, and crystals to help maintain balance.

Welcome! I am so thrilled that you are interested in deepening your knowledge of essential oils, crystals and how to safely blend and pair them together. Here’s what you need to know. Privacy The information in this page is private for those who have registered for the Master Class. So please do not share information in this page with anyone, including the workbook or informationRead more ->

Welcome to The Sacred Shift. I’m so very happy that you have joined my community on this amazing path as we walk our soul paths in 2024. To get started: Please select your Winged Animal Totem. Click here to download the workbook to guide you through the process. If you selected your totem animal in a prior year, I would recommend going through the processRead more ->

Welcome to the Year of Well-Being! Each month we will focus on infusing more well-being into a specific area of life. You will learn about lifestyle techniques, essential oils and crystals for greater well-being and self-care in all layers of your beautiful life! Live Zoom meet-ups will be the 2nd Tuesday monthly in 2022 at 6:30pm/ET (a recording will be sent to registrants).