The Oily Crystal Master Class

Do you love crystals and essential oils?

Do you have The Oily Crystal book and want to go deeper in your knowledge of how to combining essential oils & crystals can help with enhanced frequency wellness?

Do you want to learn more about how our body responds to frequency to stay well or to create dis-ease?

Do you want to learn how to calm and raise your energy to connect with your soul mission?

Do you want to learn how to feel better in our changing world?

Every ancient civilization and religious tradition has utilized essential oils from botanicals and crystals extracted from the Earth for a variety of purposes including physical support, emotional balance, spiritual practices, protection, religious ceremonies, at death transitions, and more.

What is The Oily Crystal Master Class?

Hi, I’m Allie.

This Master Class series was a 22-month long passion project because I love and know the body-mind-spirit and vibrational frequency benefits of essential oils and crystals. And I love sharing this knowledge with people like you!

I have been an Advanced Crystal Master Teacher since 2012 and I teach my students the science & art of how crystals REALLY work. I have been an essential oil educator since 2013 and I love to share the unique energetics of essential oils.

If you have sensed that we are living in energetically challenging times, you are not alone. In my classes and membership groups, I have worked with many people:

  • who feel stuck on their life path,
  • who have been shaken when their life path changed,
  • who feel overwhelmed by the energies around them which stalls action steps in goals,
  • who feel emotionally imbalanced,
  • who are feeling negative emotions like anger and fear and not knowing where it’s coming from, and
  • who are struggling with mystery physical ailments, and more.

Does this sound like you? If so, The Oily Crystal Master Class was created to help empower you with tools and solutions. Because I believe and know how blending energy wellness tools together is powerful and transformative.

The Oily Crystal Master Class is designed to help you work on the blocks that have been holding you back, to go deeper into the energetic aspects of essential oils and crystals, to understand how frequencies and ancient traditions blend in today’s world, and to align with your unique gifts and soul purpose to be shared with others.

This Master Class series will go beyond The Oily Crystal book, which is the foundation for why and how to blend essential oils and crystals. This series will dive deeper into:

  • how crystals and essential oils work with our energy field frequencies
  • how and why to blend crystals and essential oils together
  • how to pair essential oils with a crystal when the crystal is unsafe for blending in liquids
  • practices for energetic balance of 12 chakra energy centers
  • practices to align with living the 7 qualities of human consciousness
  • and over 60 of my personal Oily Crystal blends!

What do you get with The Oily Crystal Master Class?

This is an on-demand Master Class that you can take at your pace.

You will receive a 70-page workbook to download and 4 on-demand classes (each around 2 hours) to empower you to understand frequency wellness and take your wellbeing into your own hands. Throughout the Master Class you will have an opportunity to balance and activate your chakras for enhanced well-being.

You can come back to the course as many times as you want with your registration login.


My friend Rebecca, Owner of Silver Orange Boutique, has worked with me to put together a very special Master Class crystal roller bottle set with crystals NEVER offered by her before. Those who register for this Master Class will receive access and a special discount to order the kit (which is optional for the class).

Cost & Special Discounts

$199 = General admission for the Master Class Series

$149 (25% discount) = If you are a member of The Crystal Cluster, The Sacred Shift, or Purrmaste Oils Team, check the group private Facebook page for your coupon code. If you are a graduate of one of my day-long crystal classes, message me for your coupon code.

Once payment is made there are no refunds.


The workbook is INCREDIBLE! It is worth the price of the class, as far as I’m concerned! It is chock-full of information I have never come across before, and it comes from a source I trust. It’s beautifully designed and put together. It will provide hours and hours and hours of study, and I am grateful to have it as a reference. I highly recommend this class to anyone who loves oils or crystals or both. The content in both the workbook and the Zoom classes is beyond anything I have ever received, and it’s icing on the cake that we have access to the class content to go back and listen as often as we want. Allie has generously shared her wealth of knowledge in an amazing resource. – Susan (Chickamauga, GA)

I would highly recommend Allie’s Oily Crystal Master Class. My love for both pure essential oils and crystals was fortified through Allie’s scientific, humorous and throughly documented presentations during the live classes. There was a lot of readily available information to utilize right away and Allie’s enthusiasm, scientific knowledge and joy of the topic left me wanting to learn even more! The Master Class workbook was full of amazing information to help utilize the incredible support crystals and oils can give to our wellness journey. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. – Christine (Dover, MA)

I highly recommend the class for anyone interested in learning more about using oils & crystals with each of the energy centers of our body. Allie has collected & prepared excellent resources, including music to support meditations. Worth SO MUCH more than cost of admission! – Kathy (The Colony, TX)

I was very glad I took this class. I have a background in crystals and oils and this really opened my eyes to the many aspects that can be utilized to help ourselves and others grow and prosper. A big thumbs up to Allie. I feel she put her all into this class, which is how she rolls. 🙂 Thx Allie!! – Larry (Bath, MI)

The class was amazing and full of information that is useful and relevant to what is going on in the world around us. Allie always ties everything together, so an individual doesn’t get lost and the information is always easy to retain. – Brandy (Washington)

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