The Concern with Other People’s Money

We live in a society where everyone wants to have financial abundance, right? The phrase financial freedom is now common and is often the most requested wish in prayers, affirmations, vision boards and intention setting. Everyone, no matter where they live, their education, their culture, wants to live without money worries. We live in a money driven world and having money provides security and safety. But most people have money blocks.

What is a money block? It’s a belief system that is stored in your energy field that holds your true un-politically correct belief about money. If you are praying, visualizing and intending for financial freedom/abundance but you have a core belief that is the opposite, the core belief wins out every time.

So why I am talking about this today? It’s because I am seeing more and more social media posts where people are shaming others for making large sums of money. In particular, a post is making the rounds again about large annual salaries of non-profit organization CEOs. And recently I learned that one of my business mentors has been publicly shamed for what she charges for her services; amazing services that have given her financial freedom to do the work that she loves. Don’t you want to be paid to do the work that you love?

Here’s what I think when I see people sharing money shaming posts and expressing outrage about the money that other people make:

  1. Is the information actually accurate? It amazes me how people are quick to forward something without verifying that it’s true. So much online information is not accurate. So by sharing, you are making an assumption on a false belief that it’s true. And when you then attach your negative opinion (your energy) about how much money other people make, it sends out an energy wave of negativity that will come back on you but will also impact those around you. That’s just a bad move, so don’t do it!
  2. Even if the information is true about other people’s money, who are we to judge what another high-level leader makes in a salary? Businesses and non-profits have boards of directors who have approved a CEO’s salary. And we do not know what the CEO has to do for that salary (e.g., the number of hours worked each week, the stress of holding a business on his/her shoulders, etc.) or whether the CEO donates a large portion of the salary back to the company. But the instant assumption is negative (e.g., the CEO is greedy so don’t donate to that non-profit) rather than positive (e.g., the CEO has donated a portion of the salary to building an animal sanctuary or a children’s hospital). When people react negatively about other people’s money, this is a core belief that money is evil and you cannot do good things or be a good person if you have a 7-figure or higher salary.
  3. When you privately, and publicly, criticize another person for achieving financial freedom, that solely speaks to your insecurity, jealousy, and recognition that you do not have the right vibration or energy to draw in financial freedom. Misery loves company, right? So you shame the other person for making good money. The first response is to attack the person rather than celebrate the person for achieving financial abundance.

There is more than enough money and stuff to go around for everyone. There is no shortage of money but there is a shortage of the money mindset. If you have a shortage of money, this is directly related to your money vibe. Your reaction relates to your core belief around money. If you cannot be happy for others who are financially thriving, then you have a money block and you will not thrive. You cannot speak negatively about someone (even someone you don’t know) and expect to have good things happen. Your reaction has nothing to do with the other person’s money and everything to do with your poverty mindset, the “why don’t I have money” mindset. If you were offered a 7-figure income as the CEO of a nonprofit organization that could change the world, would you turn it down? Of course not. That may sound harsh but I feel that it’s a message that everyone needs to hear.

When we are so quick to condemn people for making good money, it is an emotional attack (often from behind the safety of your computer) that was not caused by the other person; it was totally set in motion by you. And when you share a post, it has the same energy as if you initiated the post. As I was writing that sentence, this article on emotional attacks came into my inbox and it’s totally worth reading. Now that’s serendipity.

ThinkingSo what can you do to raise your money vibe and stop worrying about other people’s money?

    • Be grateful that others are making a good living doing the work that they love because they are giving you a road map to show that it can be done! Be grateful for those teachers, figure out what makes them successful, and then model what they do! Of course, make sure that they are a person of integrity. There are so many integrity money makers out there that it will not be difficult to find a mentor.
    • Work with these crystals: Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Malachite and Pyrite.


  • And my personal favorite are these essential oils: Abundance, Gratitude, Oola Faith, Oola Field, Oola Finance all enhanced with Oola Grow! I love to diffuse Abundance and Gratitude (separately) and then I combine the 4 Oola oils in my hand and cup my palm over my nose and inhale the energy while reciting money vibe affirmations (e.g., I am financially free and working/contributing to society in a positive way). I do this 3 times per day until I no longer worry about money. It really works!

When you can be grateful for what you have and spend less time focusing on what other’s have, you will quickly see how things will change for the better. Thoughts create things … so make sure you have good thoughts!

About Allie Phillips:

Me Aug 2014Allie is a unique combination of self-empowerment coach (Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Life Coach), energy therapist (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and Advanced Crystal Master), award-winning book author, attorney and nationally-recognized animal advocate. Whether it’s wanting more freedom, creativity, loving relationships, financial security, wellbeing, relaxation, or adjusting to the energy of our new world … she looks at each person and animal holistically and creates a well-being plan. She holistically combines these methods to help people gain control of their lives and to help animals live with comfort in our hectic world. It worked for her and will work for you! She particularly loves helping our animal companions because for those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.
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2 thoughts on “The Concern with Other People’s Money

  1. Allie, Thanks so much for this really provocative post. I am baffled by this issue. As we discussed in your Law of Attraction classes, thinking negatively about another person’s situation (perceived success), whether money or other positive things, just leads to the continued lack of it not only in your own life but in society in general. It may sound naive but why can’t we be happy for, supportive of, and excited by other people’s success, happiness, and good fortune? The more we do this, the more we all receive as a community, the more we each receive as an individual. As a last comment and specific to your post, I love the idea of CEO’s of non-profits are paid equally to those in for-profits. Imagine how this paradigm shift will allow more and more individuals to live the life purpose they desire? Any way we can create a giant diffuser to infuse the earth with YL Abundance and Gratitude? That would be cool.

    1. Charlotte, we are totally in sync that we need to support one another, not tear each other down. Count me in for a global sized diffuser filled with Young Living Abundance and Gratitude oils! 🙂

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